IE PRO7 new beta version out

  sunny staines 17:07 18 Jul 2007

click here

best add-on i have ever put on a browser.

  rawprawn 17:13 18 Jul 2007

On your recomendation sunny I will give it a try!

  sunny staines 17:21 18 Jul 2007

in prefrences - ad blocker - enter the following :


this will kill the green text links in web pages.

  sunny staines 17:29 18 Jul 2007

jimmy 14

that was an excellent post

  rawprawn 17:33 18 Jul 2007

Thanks Jimmy14 and sunny

  Taff™ 11:11 20 Jul 2007

Can`t seem to get mouse gestures working - any suggestions?

  Taff™ 11:14 20 Jul 2007

Got it - using the wrong mouse button! What a great add on! Thanks!

  Border View 11:33 20 Jul 2007

Will this be OK for XP users or is it for Vista?

  sunny staines 12:41 20 Jul 2007

i use in with xp. not a big difference from prev version.

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