IE or Mozilla

  .HTML 15:57 05 Jun 2004

I have recently been introduced to Mozilla FireFox as a new internet browser. After using it for over a week now, i would never return to IE. Its simple layout and niffty tweaks makes it, in my opinion at least, far superior to Microsofs Explorer. I would advise anyone out there to convert to Mozilla, you will begin to ask yourself how yu didnt live without it. The best thing of all, is its FREE.
There have been no drawbacks to my web-browsing so far. so i would recommend it to everyone.

  Valvegrid 16:03 05 Jun 2004

I agree, but don't ditch IE, because there are some sites that refuse to work if you're not using IE. Glad you like Firefox.

  Chegs ® 16:09 05 Jun 2004

I tried Firefox,but it's missing the ability to "auto-refresh" so ceased using it.I used to use Opera as my main browser(it has this feature)Then I was alerted to Avant,it is just like IE,except it also has auto-refresh.I haven't found a site yet that won't work with it(unlike Opera)

  TomJerry 16:34 05 Jun 2004

Don't ditch IE, because there are many PROGRAMS use IE's internal "engine". So if you remove IE, many programs will stop work.

  powerless 16:38 05 Jun 2004

Is rumoured to be released Next week.

  Valvegrid 16:41 05 Jun 2004

I can relate to that. Having reformated and reloaded everthing back on including MS Office after deleting IE, Office wouldn't work!!! So now IE is reinstalled, but most of it is switch off in 98lite. Good point though.

  Diodorus Siculus 16:45 05 Jun 2004

Try the tab browser extensions option for auto refresh on firefox click here

  Diodorus Siculus 16:48 05 Jun 2004

And while there, it is worth a look at the other extensions available for Mozilla.

  SEASHANTY 16:52 05 Jun 2004

Still hanging onto Mozilla v1.6 (my other PC still has Mozilla v1.4) Haven't upped to Mozilla Firefox
because I am using Mozilla as the default email
account and I don't think Firefox has this - unless
its in the new version. Mozilla absolutely refuses
to work with my online banking so I have to use I.E.6 for that.

  alan227 17:03 05 Jun 2004

Firefox is better than IE but you have to go OE for your mail as their is no shortcut to E-Mail.

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