IE "Not Responding"

  six-h 15:52 08 Jul 2010

A couple of times this week I've experienced this whilst surfing with maybe 6 tabs open, the screen suddenly goes misty and IE stops responding.
I can't "end task" from the Applications tab of Task manager, only by highlighting the IE item in "Processes", and even then, it's not immediate, and sometimes it just seems to clear it's self without closing.
Any ideas what might be the cause?
there is little or no disk activity when this happens.
I'm running Vista ultimate.

  johndrew 16:38 08 Jul 2010

There may be little disk activity but how much CPU is in use?

Often - especially with several tabs open - you will find that high usage will stop a program responding. Basically the CPU is highly loaded and has to put tasks on hold. If you leave the mouse alone for a while you are likely to see the "Not Responding" caption disappear as the CPU catches up.

  six-h 16:53 08 Jul 2010

johndrew, CPU graph was just bumbling along the bottom, so I can't see that as the cause.

I've been having a few dropped router connections recently, and have been using the "DMT" tool to increase my noise margin.
These "not responding" incidents seem to have started at the same time.
Not being one to believe in coincidence, the timing makes me suspicious, though I really can't see any connection!

  six-h 16:33 12 Jul 2010

Still having these strange things happen.
Today, each new tab opened in IE8 would not connect to the requested site until refreshed, sometimes more than once.
I started Task Manager, the icon appeared in the sys. tray but was flashing as if there was CPU activity oscilating between 0 and 100%.. it was not possible to get it to display on screen, I just got the spinning disk permanently.
Eventually had to do a re-start, and all now appears to be normal.
Obviously, it's not! so has anyone got any ideas what I should do?
AVG has just completed it's scheduled scan and reported nothing untoward.

  johndrew 20:06 12 Jul 2010

Could it be that adding bits of software has upset your router? Perhaps you should return your system to as it was when stable and see if this helps.

  six-h 21:16 12 Jul 2010

Don't think that DMT is responsible, I've been using it for years to tune the router and it does the job fine.
Besides, how could that affect the Task Manager?

  michaelw 08:34 13 Jul 2010

I'll tag along on this. I've had the same problem with IE7 on xp but only in the last couple of weeks. Task Manager doesn't close IE and pc just hangs. I did the Dell diagnostics yesterday which took 4 hours but all tests passed on hardware.

  johndrew 10:29 13 Jul 2010

You could try a reset of IE. Go to "Start/Control Panel". Change to "Classic View" on the left panel. Double click the "Internet Options" icon and select the "Security" tab. Select the "Default Level" for each icon in "Select a zone to view or change security settings". Select the "Programs" tab and select "Make Default". Select the "Advanced" tab and in the "Settings" area click "Restore advanced settings". In the "Reset Internet Explorer settings" click "Reset" and "OK". Click "Apply" and "OK".

Another test. Try going to "Start/All Programs/Accessories/System Tools" and starting IE (Internet Explorer (no Add-ons)) from there and see if that cures the problem.

You could also try booting into "Safe Mode with Networking" to see if the problem is still present.

Or try "Start/Run" type "msconfig" in the box press "OK". Click the "Services" tab tick "Hide all Microsoft Services" click "Disable All". Click the "Startup" tab and click "Disable All". Click "OK" and restart the PC to test for the problem.

Another option would be to temporarily disable (or uninstall) all AV software and the firewall and test for the problem.

See how you get on with these.

  ^wave^ 12:05 13 Jul 2010

i get the same problem when multiple ie 8 tabs open one will just hang my solution use google chrome

  mooly 12:20 13 Jul 2010

This site (PCA) is the one that causes this problem for me... it can be fine for ages, then the problem returns. Always happens when I inadvertently "open" those adds by the cursor going over highlighted words.
I suspect the issue is nothing to do with the PC but rather an error/incompatability of the sites in question.

  six-h 15:47 13 Jul 2010

Thanks johndrew, worked through your first para and the only change was that I had added PCA Site to the "Local Intranet" zone in order to banish the dratted "ticker" at the top of the page.
Like most intermittent problems, it's currently lurking elsewhere and everything is performing irritatingly impeccably! lol
mooley, you might try doing what I've done and add PCA to your "Local Intranet" zone, got rid of all those irritations for me!
Surprisingly, I find this site the fastest to navigate and the quickest to load on both my pc and laptop and even my phone when connected via Wi-Fi, always attributed it to superior coding.

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