IE and noscript tag

  Tabvla 19:28 03 Apr 2006

The following problem is specific to IE. Both Firefox and Opera behave as expected.

Assume the following: -
1. A website that uses some form of scripting, e.g. JavaScript.
2. The code contains a noscript tag for visitors that have scripting disabled.
3. The noscript tag contains a meta tag that redirects visitors to an alternate site.
4. A visitor visits the site using IE as the browser with Internet security set at High.

The visitor will never be redirected to the alternate site because IE with security set at High does not render the meta tag within the noscript tag.

The only solution that I have devised is to have an a href tag within the noscript tag which asks the user to click, which then takes them to the alternate site. However, this is a very clumsy solution.

Have any of the Forum Members devised a more elegant way to work around this problem in IE when a visitor has security set at High?

  PurplePenny 00:08 05 Apr 2006

Sorry, not something I've ever come across: I've always been able to offer an easy alternative (if one is necessary) by way of the noscript. Is the site so JavaScript heavy that a separate non-JavaScript site is the only option?

The href is probably a better option for anyone with their security set to high anyway since they probably won't appreciate being redirected without explanation.

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