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  SimonC 18:55 16 Feb 2004

Hi there, I have just re-installed Windows XP Pro, with all updates from the Windows Update site. The problem is my system is pretty much back to where it was but javascript windows sort of flash briefly and then disappear, ie no javascript windows will stay open this is really causing me grief. I have no pop-up filters or anything in operation and javascript is enabled so I am flumoxed and would be grateful for any help anyone could give me.



  Diodorus Siculus 18:58 16 Feb 2004

click here
to try to repair IE. It may help.

  ensonricky 19:28 16 Feb 2004

Latest versions of IE do not support Java VM as a result of a court ruling on behalf of Sun Microsystems. See click here and download from click here

  SimonC 20:01 16 Feb 2004

Thanx 4 your responses ut sadly they did not work, strange 1 this coz prior to reinstalling everything ran fine. Read somewhere that one of Microshifty's 'fixes' effected certain sites wonder if that has owt to do wi it?. Any more ideas anyone?



  SimonC 20:42 16 Feb 2004

Run a proggy called Don't Panic! and it has a setting it control pop-ups hidden in its settings that is enabled by default on installation, DOH!.

Thanx 4 your responses


  ensonricky 20:43 16 Feb 2004

Glad to hear you got it sussed.

  SimonC 20:53 16 Feb 2004

Cheers mate!

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