I.E. independent Browsers are there any?

  geoff47 14:48 11 Jan 2005

Simple question
with the talk about browsers and how good/bad they are ....are there any browsers that perform without the assistance of I.E.?
I am using Firefox but I find it has problems on certain sites i.e. altering fonts on forums or using dropdown option menus....or can I get further additions to Firefox to give it these facilties?
Any help?
Thanks Geoff47

  Stuartli 15:26 11 Jan 2005

Firefox has a wide range of extensions and themes at:

click here

  rawprawn 15:30 11 Jan 2005

I like Firefox that Stuartli has suggested but Avant is also well liked click here

  Diodorus Siculus 15:31 11 Jan 2005

As far as I know, Avant needs IE installed.

  callingman 15:36 11 Jan 2005

Anyone suggest software that will block ALL access to web sites except pre-determined ones.

  callingman 15:37 11 Jan 2005

sorry about that, meant to post it in main forum

  geoff47 00:27 12 Jan 2005

Please let me explain my dilemna.
I have tried to get away from I.E. and Outlook Express and have always used Crazy Browser which I like very much.Since getting hold of 98Lite and slimming down Windows I have found Crazy Browser no longer functions as it depends on I.E..Now I am unable to use some functions on some sites i.e. on the Jobscentre Plus site to search it requires to click on drop down options that narrows the search down in two other windows....in Firefox the script is no longer visible.Also on another forum I used to be able to alter font size and colour.This is not important but the useablity required on Jobscentre Plus means I had to reinstall I.E.just to use it.
Are there any browsers that can cope with this other than I.E.?
Hope you can understand what I am trying to say.
I have visited the Mozilla update site but dont believe there is anything there to help solve my request.
Can anybody help me to solve this one?
Thanks Geoff47

  GaT7 01:03 12 Jan 2005

Have you tried Opera click here & Netscape click here? G

  geoff47 00:54 20 Jan 2005

Sorry for delay was without an internet connection for several days.....strange feeling.....
I have tried both Opera and Netscape but liked CrazyBrowser best...Think I will stick to FireFox and keep another browser for functionality on some sites....Thanks for your replies

  geoff47 01:26 20 Jan 2005

Have tried to view the following site useing both Opera and Netscape and niether works on the sites search system.........try it yourself....
click here
Go to Job search.....it only works in I.E. or a Browser dependent on I.E.

Or can anyone tell me of another browser that will allow me the same functionality?
Thanks Geoff47

  GaT7 01:50 20 Jan 2005

OK, I see what you mean. This is the Job search link click here, isn't it? Nothing appears in the "Select a Job Group from the list" box. Doesn't work in Firefox either, but does in Avant (which is basically IE anyway!). G

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