IE home page hijacked by yahoo

  awest3 10:49 28 Dec 2013

Running a dell desktop with 64bit windows 7. My homepage has been hijacked by . I use google as my home page but now cannot change it from yahoo. I've done the usual of Internet option and changed it back but it just gets hijacked again. I've restored way back but its still there, I've removed everything yahoo from my machine inc toolbars ect. I've edited the registry (as suggested on some websites), I've removed the update from IE11 back to 10, I've deleted the hosts file, I've run malwarebytes and emisoft malware checkers. (a couple of pups found and deleted) all to no avail? Also ran MS essentials

Not quite sure where to go now.

Any suggestions welcomed as ever.

Thanks Al

  awest3 10:51 28 Dec 2013

forgot to mention also removed all yahoo addons.

  rdave13 13:08 28 Dec 2013

There was a thread about this but I can't find it. I seem to remember it has nothing to do with Yahoo but it's a rootkit and TDSSKiller Rootkit got rid of it.

  awest3 15:15 28 Dec 2013

thanks.. I'll have a look at the toolkit

  awest3 16:07 28 Dec 2013

Thanks Jock1e,

none of these made any difference I'm afraid.


  rdave13 16:51 28 Dec 2013

Just found this. Worth reading it all but the gist is check task manager for something called 'SearchSettings.exe' and disable it then do a search for it and remove a folder called Spigot.

  Phoenix40 17:04 28 Dec 2013

Hello i had this yesterday when i downloaded what i thought was a Auslogic defrag and it came from another site called or something like that! It downloaded three different things i manage to uninstall them but they hijacked my Bing homepage. In the end i did a recommended System Restore and thankfully it seems to have worked for once and put my IE homepage back to what it was. Hope this might help.

  awest3 17:16 28 Dec 2013

Thanks for all these suggestions.

Jock1e - It is Malwarebytes that I used.. it has the correct setting as you advise but it only found 10 PUPS which I deleted. Also used revo uninstaller to remove all things Yahoo. Also removed Yahoo from being a search provider.

Rdave13 - I did have a spigot application on the system, but removing it made no difference. Did not have the searchsettings.exe though.

Phoenix40 - I did run an auslogics update prior to this happening but a system restore back to before this made no difference.

Thanks for these great suggestions.... hopefully it will get solved soon.


  rdave13 17:25 28 Dec 2013

Did you try running TDSS in safe mode? You could also run malwarebytes there as well. Worth a try if it is an exe file that's running.

  rdave13 17:34 28 Dec 2013

Should have added if it has worked you will still need to change your default search engine and home pages in your browsers afterwards.

  awest3 08:33 08 Jan 2014

Solved...!! it turns out that an 'Advanced System Care 7' update puts a 'homepage protection' item on your PC which as well as protecting your homepage LOCKs it to Yahoo. To remove this go to ASC 7 settings and unclick the protect homepage button. I have uninstalled the program! Anything which does this without upfront notification is rather silly.

Thanks for all the suggestions.

Al.. Happy new year.

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