IE - History deleted where is the Cache

  AFoxyLady 12:40 18 Jun 2007

I am aware that even when files are deleted from a computer, they are still there somewhere, unless a special program was used and they were "shredded"

Can anyone tell me where I could look for them, if the "history" of the pages has actually been deleted.

I do have a program called IE History viewer, and this is an excellent program, giving times the pages were visited, however, if history has gone, it won't work.

Thanks for any pointers

  A-Nonymous 12:42 18 Jun 2007

They cant be viewed in Windows once you have deleted them, but there may be some way of viewing them in DOS. Not sure though. You can get programs that permanently delete files.

  AFoxyLady 12:50 18 Jun 2007

There is no proper software for permanently deleting from the computer I need to keep an eye on. It has just been "deleted" - if there is a way that I can check even if it is via DOS, and I have walk through instructions - it would be great.

  Diodorus Siculus 13:07 18 Jun 2007

Get an undelete program such as restoration click here if you want something that has been deleted.

  Daibus 13:13 18 Jun 2007


  User-1159794 13:44 18 Jun 2007


  AFoxyLady 14:23 18 Jun 2007

Thanks for the pointers. I have dl the software as above, but it says I can look for a file extension. However I have no idea what kind of file, url addresses are - do they have an extension at all and if so what is it?

  Diodorus Siculus 16:12 18 Jun 2007

I didn'[t realise that it was actually the listing that you wanted, rather than the files themselves. I don't think that it will be easy to recover these as they are kept in the registry and deleted from there.

  AFoxyLady 10:35 19 Jun 2007

Looks like a lost cause then - but many thanks for all the help offered.

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