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  mrt 01:19 28 Jul 2004

can anyone tell me how to clear the history from ie6 when i do a search it pops back in every time

  Djohn 01:21 28 Jul 2004

Tools/Internet options/General tab and click the button "Clear history"

  mrt 01:28 28 Jul 2004

when that is done and you go in to history and search it is still there

  Djohn 01:31 28 Jul 2004

Same route again but this time click the button, "Delete Files" click on OK, should do the trick.

  mrt 01:36 28 Jul 2004

tried that still there

  Djohn 01:38 28 Jul 2004

Delete History but close your browser down and re-open it, the history will be gone. Just tried it now.

Regards j.

  mrt 01:41 28 Jul 2004

if you open ie click on history then the searchbutton in history press a and find now it all is in there

  Djohn 01:57 28 Jul 2004

It shouldn't be. I have just clicked on the History button on the toolbar then "Search" button in the left hand history pane, it only brings up the last few pages since I cleared the file.

Try again. tools/internet options, clear history/Delete Files. Now close down the browser [If you have more than one browser window open, close all] then re-open your browser, click on the history button on the toolbar and the left hand pane should be empty.

If you now click on search button in that pane it will only show the last page you opened, or should do.

I'm on Broadband so closing down the browser will clear the history files without me logging off-line. If your on dial-up you may need to disconnect from your ISP, reboot the PC and see if that does it. It should do. Please let me know how you get on.

Regards. j.

  mrt 02:02 28 Jul 2004

im also on broadband and i have tried everything you suggested to no avail it just keeps coming back

  gudgulf 02:08 28 Jul 2004

click here

This will shift your history and all manner of other junk from your pc.(in options select basic clean to shift just the history files)--what's more it's free!!

Apologies for butting in,Djohn

  mrt 02:10 28 Jul 2004

thanks but i tried it and its still there

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