IE hijacking yet again!!

  bamfiesler 12:33 26 Apr 2004

This time, I can't get rid of it. I checked my previous postings, and followed what I'd done then, but to no avail! CWShredder is cleanin the sucker out, but it's there again as soon as I fire up IE. It's also pretty clever: every time I try to download 'Hijack this',or any other tool, it jumps straight back to its searchpage. I managed to 'save target as..' a Spyware app., but on running it I got a message saying file corrupted by virus.

Any help appreciated.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 12:43 26 Apr 2004

Name of search pasge or hijack item?


  bamfiesler 12:50 26 Apr 2004

Hi Gandalf!

c:\searchpage.html. To get onto PC Advisor site, I have had to do it via and old link in Outlook Express! This is a real pain, this one.

  bamfiesler 12:52 26 Apr 2004

I've just thought of something else: I should have turned off SysRestore, and run the shredder again?

  bamfiesler 14:33 26 Apr 2004

This is driving me crazy! everytime I try and download 'hijack this', IE jumps back to the hijacked site! I also donwloaded SpybotS&D, which checks the system, then just flashes out. Up-to-date AVG insists no viruses. CEShredder is getting rid of these things, nad I am changing them in the Regsirty, but they keep coming back!


  bamfiesler 14:34 26 Apr 2004

Also, I can no longer perform SysRestore!!!!

  GaT7 14:42 26 Apr 2004

What's the error message (if any) you get when trying to use SysRestore?

  bamfiesler 14:50 26 Apr 2004

It goes through the motions, then, on reboot, I am told system restore has failed. I didn't check what the error message at the bottom was, but I am sure it's all caused by this sitehijacker. EVERY time I go to try and download something to zap it, it changes back to this homepage!

I managed to get an update for CWS, but I'm sure I've still got this thing!

  SANTOS7 15:04 26 Apr 2004

click here if theres any way you can download hijack this scroll down to page two titled DvK01 from the link, it may give you the answers you need

  GaT7 15:15 26 Apr 2004

Read this article about t'shooting problems with System Restore (if you need it) - click here.

When you have your PC running normally again, install SpywareBlaster to avoid most of these pests getting a hold of your PC in the first place - click here.

Sorry, I cannot offer any help at removing the 'hijacker' at this time, but I may be back with some info later if still unsolved.

  bamfiesler 15:39 26 Apr 2004

Thanks all, finally got rid of it, but that's taken since These guys writing that stuff are a real problem.

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