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  Demora 19:33 13 Jan 2004


Operating system is Win XP home.

I have done everything suggested re Windows Messenger like disabling it in the services etc. BUT its worse. Whenever I have been on the internet and exit I'm left with a minimised window at the bottom of the screen. Can't open it so the only way of getting rid is to right click and close it. I want to stop stuff coming up behind the web pages I'm reading The odd ad is fine but this is getting worse.

BTW I had a pop up crusher but it just made the computer drive me crazy


  bremner 19:35 13 Jan 2004

If this is just pop ups and not messenger then use the free Google Toolbar among its many excellent features is a completely unobtrusive pop up blocker. click here

  Big Elf 20:40 13 Jan 2004

This might help click here

The 'Remove Messenger' option should be copied and pasted into the Start, Run box then click OK.

  Demora 11:27 14 Jan 2004

Ok I've removed windows messenger and downloaded google tool bar. BUT the minimised webpages are still at the bottom of the screen. they say microsoft internet explorer etc. the only thing I can do is to right click and close not a problem but annoying everytime I come off the internet. There is no other fererence to just what these pages might be.



  tafoody 14:36 14 Jan 2004

when you right-click the window to close it, choose properties, perhaps you will get some info on the address.

  Jester2K 15:52 14 Jan 2004

Install, update and run

Adaware click here


SpyBot click here

to see if you've picked up an "ad server"

  Demora 10:06 16 Jan 2004

OK... I've done all those things. BUT the box is still on the task bar ie. I have to references down there on task bar at the mo... one says pc advisor expert a etc the other ---Microsoft Internet ... Right click it and the only options I get are Move, Minimise, Close. restore size Maximise greyed out.

Not a huge problem but its annoying. I've searched the pc for all sorts of stuff even cleaned the registry something is not right.



  Demora 10:15 16 Jan 2004

Ok now there are three of the boxes to close (no webpage can be accessed from these little blighters)


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