IE Hanging

  Ankermi31 15:24 04 Sep 2010

Windows XP/CCleaner/AVG 9.0.851

We have "two users" on the desktop computer,

My "side" is functioning OK. My husband has problems in that whenever he goes into IE and tries to open links and on his Email again when he wants to access links someone sends him the computer "hangs".

Control/Alt/Del will not respond to get us out of the situ, I have just been lucky in closing down! The mouse moves ok but everything else freezes.

This seems to stem from when he allowed AVG to do an Add on which added AVG security toolbar to IE8. Looking at the restore points it appears to have been done on 16th August and that fits in with the problems he is having.

I think I can disable the toolbar through view by cliking on the disable. Will that solve the problem?

Alternatively is there a way of removing this toolbar in its entirety?

Please note I am not an advanced user so simplistic replies please.

Thank you.

  birdface 15:31 04 Sep 2010

Try add remove see if it is in there and remove it.

  Ankermi31 15:36 04 Sep 2010

Hi buteman
No its definately not there. Just the full AVG programme.

That does have words "if not working property click here" to repair.

Bit nervous about doing that though!

  northumbria61 15:38 04 Sep 2010

AVG Security Toolbar Removal - click here

  northumbria61 15:40 04 Sep 2010

Or direct from AVG help - click here

  northumbria61 15:41 04 Sep 2010

AVG - Number 1695

  northumbria61 15:43 04 Sep 2010

OR AVG 1885 - HOW to UNINSTALL as opposed to "disable" assuming you don't want to use it again.

  Ankermi31 15:56 04 Sep 2010

Many thanks northumbria61, have dealt with issue under 1695, fingers crossed it will work.

Thanks also for link to 1885, if it comes to that will contact AVG,Newark to take control of computer to deal with it themselves!

For some reason your link of timed at 15.38 is coming up as "link broken".

Will leave this thread open for the time being in case of further problems.

  birdface 10:05 05 Sep 2010

If still there best bet would be to delete AVG.
Then download it again.
This time without the Toolbar and where it says recommended download ignore that and download everything yourself that way you can remove the Link scanner and anything else that you don't want with AVG.And make sure you don't download the toolbar.

  birdface 12:47 05 Sep 2010

Now there is this.

In Firefox's View menu, there is a Toolbars sub-menu apparently listing all of the active or installed toolbars. One of the listed toolbars is the AVG Security Toolbar; I simply unchecked it and it disappeared, which is what I wanted. It can be brought back by re-checking it.

Now it should be the exact same in I/E

So just a matter of going into View.Toolbars,And if it is in there make sure it is unticked.

  Ankermi31 14:59 05 Sep 2010

Thanks buteman. Had already "done it" - see earlier response 04/09/2010 at 15.56.

Its certainly hidden and no problems so far.

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