IE --hang up on subsidiary pages

  telkell 17:24 09 Oct 2003

Two examples of the problem.
(1)Trying to book an airline ticket, I got all the flight details, fare ,etc. A small box says 'Click here for rules and conditions', but all I get is a window frame with nothing in it, with the first page showing through.
(2) On one of my favourites, the'Africam' site,
the same sort of thing. I can get the Homepage but clicking to go to one of the webcams is producing an empty window as above.

This is a recent problem, I didn't have it before. I suspect I have disabled something that shoulb 'enabled'



  VoG II 18:24 09 Oct 2003


Copy this, paste into address bar, remove the space after // and click Go.

Follow the instructions.

  telkell 22:08 10 Oct 2003

Thanks. I followed instructions, but eventually had to phone them. They were very helpful and are emailing me a fix within 72 hours. I await developements. Telkel

  telkell 14:24 25 Nov 2003

This hass been a saga. There was an initial delay because they had a mistake in my email address. Then they sent a Hotfix download which would not install. Since then I have been in contact 4 times, but still awaiting a solution. The microsoft technical people have gone to great lengths, I have uninstalled and reinstalled IE6, and they have gone through my system and settings. I am awaiting a new promised download to see if that will do it! TELKEL

  Jester2K II 14:47 25 Nov 2003

Well, have you taken VoGs advice???

  Jester2K II 14:48 25 Nov 2003

Sorry i missed the one above that said you did. Sorry.

  telkell 20:41 25 Nov 2003

I have just received a new Hotfix. I can't download it at once as it is half time in Celtic's Euro game and I have to get back to the TV! Will get back to you. TELKEL

  telkell 21:37 11 Dec 2003

The saga continued. Despite many patient and willing attempts from Microsoft techies, latterly from their Research dept ( who seemed to cure it- with everything back to normal= only for it to be back to its faults when I started up next day.) After this I found a new problem with Outlook Express freezing on start up. I can only get into it now by re-installing , or doing odd things like de-activating everything else including the AVG anti-virus brfore I could read my e-mails.
Today I had a brainwave. I had read about Netscape, and it is usually on the PC cover disc.
I loaded it up and BINGO. Everythings seems better than ever, It is a beautifully smooth operator! I think I'll be staying with it. We'll see.

  telkell 11:57 31 Dec 2003

I finally gave up on Microsoft, who could not clear my problem, but a couple of days ago I was on this site with a problem about loading software for a new scanner.I had immediate help from jester2,spikeychris, and Gongoozler.
That cleared my scanner problem, but I now find that THIS problem has been cleared as well!
Not only that, but another problem I had with Windows Updates refusing to download has also been cleared, obviously that one solution was a panacaeia! Even more thanks to those mentioned above. This is a magic site!

  Sir Radfordin 12:40 31 Dec 2003

In some cases oleaut32.dll needs to be replaced using SFC to get subsidiary pages to load. This was very common on Win98

  telkell 16:51 31 Dec 2003

Yes,Sir Radfordin, I do know that now, but the Microsoft Research Dept somehow missed it. Anyway, as I said before, PCA Helpline is the place to find things out!

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