IE - Faves - Links Folder

  The Paul 17:23 25 Nov 2003

Despite very regular removal of the Links folder in IE6, I cannot get rid of it. Everytime I delete it, it appears next time I boot up.

Can it be got rid of and if so how. Cheers. Paul

  The Paul 18:11 25 Nov 2003

Thanks AubreyS. I thought it might be an intergral part of IE. I couldnt find anything to show this though.

Reason for getting rid of is to tidy up the Faves colum. Nothing more than that. It takes up space.

  powerless 19:29 25 Nov 2003

Right click Links, Properties and make it "Hidden". It will not then be seen.

  The Paul 11:36 26 Nov 2003

Thanks for the tip. It works and helps my clean up.

AubreyS - thanks for your input too.

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