IE fails to start - only my user account!

  Rodders 10:02 24 Sep 2008


This problem started recently and I can't work out why because I don't remember installing anything or making any changes at the time.

I'm on XP Home and my user account is an administrator one. When I try to start IE it opens a window but automatically closes again before any webpage is loaded.

I checked the homepage properties to make sure no malware had snuck in and done anything, but it looks fine.

Link sent to me in emails also cause IE to start then close almost instantly.

I was on IE7 so thought I'd try installing IE8, but that's had no effect.

All other user accounts on the machine are fine, so it must be something to do with my account. The only thing that I did recently was try to install my VirginMedia wireless router (haven't got that working yet).

I did a Google search and tried to move one of the DLLs to a different folder, but this didn't change anything.

Any ideas? Thanks

  birdface 11:08 24 Sep 2008

Try Tools.Internet Options. Advanced.And press reset.This resets I/E to its original state.

  Rodders 11:56 24 Sep 2008

No idea what setting had changed but that sorted it.

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