IE Browser Hijacker:

  CPI 16:10 25 Jun 2006

Can anyone assist me to remove this IE Browser Hijacker from my system? I run Windows XP Home edition with IE v6.0 on a Vaio 2.4Ghz PC with 1.1GB RAM. The Hijacker appeared 48hrs ago and all my attempts to locate and remove it appear fruitless. I cannot re-set my homepage as all attempts (such as setting my home page as default within IE) are overridden by this Hijacker. If I try to block it with a popup blocker, it just stops any papes from loading.

In addition, I get a very annoying pup up box bottom right side of the screen every 20 to 30 seconds. The box, in red outline, states "Your computer is infected! Critical System Error! System dedected virus activities. They may cause critical system failure. Please use antimalware software to clean and protect your system from parasite programs. Click here to get available software".

If I were to click, it would direct me to the url: click here 241 (which I believe to be a site "primed" to download trojans and malicious code).

Its not picked up by Steganos Spyware 2006 (full paid version), SpyBot 1.4, nor by the Norton anti-virus, worm & spyware software built into BT's 8MB broadband service. In all 3 cases, I have done full system scans, the latter in Safe Mode with no spyware, hijackers, trojans, etc being detected.

I have a reasonable command of PC related knowledge but am not a technical person by any means.

Thanks in advance!!


  Bogbrain 17:33 25 Jun 2006

Have you tried using HiJack this? It's a small free download that could identify and deal with it.
click here

I dunno is that URL will show up in here.

  CPI 19:35 25 Jun 2006

Yes - I'd already tried this tool but I couldn't see from log file where this hijacker resides so can't delete it.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 21:40 25 Jun 2006

click here the instructions here should sort you out.


  p;3 22:34 25 Jun 2006

if you have managed to create an HJT log you might wish to register with and post it at this forum click here to get step by step instructions on what to remove from the log as it is somewhat unadviseable (and can render a pc unuseable if wrong lines are removed )to remove any lines from the log unless you are competent at correct interpretation of them:)

  CPI 23:57 25 Jun 2006

Gandalf - Thank you VERY much for your detailed help - my pc is back to normal!!
p;3 - As above, I was able to remove it from my system. Nevertheless, if you feel it would be of use to others, I'll happily paste a copy of the log - pls advise.

  p;3 14:33 26 Jun 2006

if you do get to read this ; I suggest it cannot harm to post an HJT log at the malware forum I gave a link to for them to confirm that you are clear of infection ; their experts can check the log for you and hopefully give you the "all clear", ;

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