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  conrail 08:57 15 Jun 2005

using xp pro, when I start ie I get a blank page, the address bar says 'about blank', I have reset it to the page I normally use by tools, options, clicking on 'use current' when on the page I want yet I still get about blank, I have run spybot and adaware, both updated, last Sunday I set up a Belkin wireless network and that did not cause problems, this happened last night, any ideas please

  conrail 09:00 15 Jun 2005

I have just found that when I click on an icon like 'my documents' the sceen icons dissapear for a second then return but the file does not open, I have also tried, start, my computer, the same thing happened but my computer did not open.

  alltime 09:08 15 Jun 2005

conrail, seems like your home page is not coming up in ie. Click on ie. go to tools. click on internet options.
Look in the address bar, this should be your home page.
Clear the box
add your home page www.-------------------
Click apply
click ok
hope this helps

  conrail 09:16 15 Jun 2005

thanks alltime but that has not made any difference, when I click on ie then go to my favourites to select the page I want, I get a pop up, different ones each time despite having pop up stopper installed

  mpez 11:18 15 Jun 2005

about blank is a hijacker and is a right pain to get rid of,it is a variation of coolwebsearch and brings all sorts of nasties, i have had this problem a while ago and have got rid of it with the help of people off this forum. If type about blank in the search archive you will see what other people have had with this, or just wait and see if anyone with more expertise than me as im still quite new to computers.

Good luck

  Eric10 11:50 15 Jun 2005

As mpez has said, this is a browser hijacker and is very difficult to get rid of even with expert help. The best advice I can give is to download HijackThis click here and then post your problem and the HijackThis log file on a specialist malware forum such as malwareremoval .com
click here. The log file can be quite long and is difficult to post here due to the 800 word limit on posts. I don't mean to denigate any of the helpers on this excellent forum but it needs a specialist malware expert to correctly interpret the file so as not to remove anything that may be vital to the health of Windows.

  conrail 13:03 15 Jun 2005

thanks mpez and have followed your instructions Eric10, would formatting and reinstalling help? never had this problem before setting up a newtowk, any connection I wonder.

  conrail 09:51 16 Jun 2005

thanks Eric10, I took your advice where a very nice young lady named Bertha tried to help me, but the problem is that I cannot access anything, currently using another pc to write this as I reformat, Bertha asked me not to reformat as she wanted wanted log files from me, I was at the pc until 1 am this morning and back to the pc at 4:45 am I could not access the log files she wanted, I could not access anything, I was totally locked out, so at the moment my pc is reformatting. thanks again for all suggestions

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