IE auto-refresh - plug-in

  daba 23:14 26 Mar 2004

I've seen requests on here for an 'auto-refresh' facility for web-pages, could be useful when viewing this forum for example.

After doing the search-rounds, I came up with this. click here

Before I go ahead and risk the install, has anyone tried this?

If I get no feedback, I'll give it a go myself and post back.

  daba 23:14 26 Mar 2004

Has anyone tried anything else that works ?

  daba 23:16 26 Mar 2004

link was to the download page, sorry.

remove the /download.html from the URL, or click here

  ©®@$? 23:42 26 Mar 2004

WWebsync v1.30 click here

AutoRefresh for IE
click here

Refresher click here

BrowseFresh click here

Ifocus click here

  daba 23:54 26 Mar 2004

Thanks for your links ©®@$?, you obviously had more success searching the web than I did.

Refresher 2.5 looks similar in functionality to the Avant plug-in. I like the idea of a multi-page interface.

Last 2 links are dead.

Have you actually used any of these.

PS. have you noticed sysmbols have recently re-appeared, in your name, VoG's and others.

  ©®@$? 14:42 27 Mar 2004

havn't actualy used any of them like you said i searched the web

as for the symbols my nick has always been like that except the ? is supposed to be a funny looking h

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