I.E against FireFox

  steve263000 12:57 25 Jan 2006

I have recently updated the index page of my site, click here It was looking a bit tired, and I needed to change a few bits. However, now I have done it, when viewed in FF all is as it should be, but when viewed in IE very little of the page shows up and a small message saying 'error shows up.

Can anyone tell me what I have done wrong? As most of the world rightly or not uses IE, I would like to get it spot on.

  beynac 13:24 25 Jan 2006

I think it's the divert that's causing the problem. I couldn't get the page in Firefox the first time I tried. A better way to divert to another page is:


This should go into your index page on the click here server. Put it between the 'title' and the closing 'head' tag.
It's polite to add a short bit of text warning people that they are about to be diverted.

If your web host is automatically diverting for you - I suggest you have a word!

  beynac 13:26 25 Jan 2006

Sorry, I should have left spaces so that the URLs above didn't convert to 'click here'. Let me know if it needs clarification.

  steve263000 13:44 25 Jan 2006

Sorry beynac I do need you to clarify that. The first page you come to when you click on the link should be the home page, and the only time you should divert away is when you click on a link. So what is this about a divert? This page is the same one that has always been there, I have just taken some content out and replaced it.

  beynac 13:50 25 Jan 2006

Your web address is http: //click here
but the site is hosted at http: //homepage.ntlworld.com/s.burns

I'm assuming, from what you say, that you didn't arrange the 'divert' yourself.

When you got the domain name www. dragononthe web.com, you presumably arranged for the 'host' of that name to redirect all traffic to your ntlworld site. It looks as though they have done this in, what seems to me, to be a very strange way. I suggest that you have a word with them and ask them to sort it out. There is nothing wrong with your site at ntlworld.

Hope this time the spaces mean that the URLs show correctly!

  beynac 13:52 25 Jan 2006

Whoops! The first line should read "Your web address is http: //www. dragon ontheweb.com/ ...".

Hope the 'click here' doesn't show this time!

  steve263000 13:55 25 Jan 2006

I have paid for a divert from NTL to 'dragon' and I had misread what you meant. I will not have to look into that. Thank you.

  beynac 21:08 25 Jan 2006

I agree that there are problems with the code but if you look the ntl page (click here) in either browser you get most of the index page. I think that there are two separate problems:
1. The 'divert' is not working
2. The code for the page has, as you say, some omissions
If it was just the code, you would get the same result with both URLs

  beynac 21:20 25 Jan 2006

I should have said: "If it was just the code, you would get the same result with both URLs if you go to the dragonontheweb page

  beynac 21:21 25 Jan 2006

I should have said: "If it was just the code, you would get the same result with both URLs if you go to the dragonontheweb page".

  beynac 21:22 25 Jan 2006

Now I've said it twice!!!

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