IE Address bar problem

  Nick1 14:14 22 Feb 2003

I would like to resize my IE 6.0 address bar as it says I can in help. I have tried dragging the borders but it won't resize. Any ideas


  GANDALF <|:-)> 14:47 22 Feb 2003

You can only resize it form left to right. Place your mouse pointer on the bar on the right of 'GO' or to the left of 'address' and when it changes shape left-click, hold and drag to the right for go and left for address.


  Nick1 15:54 22 Feb 2003

I am afraid that doesn't work. There isn't a bar to the right of Go. All I have is the Links button.

I wonder if I can add a bar...


  GermfreeUnicycle 15:56 22 Feb 2003

have you tried right clicking a toolbar and unchecking "lock the toolbars"?

  Nick1 15:57 22 Feb 2003


I right clicked on the tool bar noticed that I'd got "Lock the toolbars" ticked, unticked it and the draggable bar appeared.

Thanks anyway.

  Nick1 16:00 22 Feb 2003

That sounds daft. I actually made the posting before Germfee..'s advice appeared.

Thanks all

  jazzypop 16:03 22 Feb 2003

Firstly, right-click on a blank space on a toolbar, and make sure there is not a tick next to Lock Toolbars. If there is, untick it.

Then, try to hover over the thin dotted line at the end of any collection of buttons that are on the same row as your address bar (the cursor changes to a double-headed horizontal arrow), then drag those buttons up or down, to leave the address bar on a row of it's own. This will give the maximum space for the address bar, and it should automatically expand to fill the available width.

If it does not expand, then follow the advice from GANDALF <|:-)>

If it all goes horribly wrong, just right-click a blank space on a toolbar, choose Customize, then Reset.

  jazzypop 16:04 22 Feb 2003

Too slow again :)

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