IE 9 Problems - or not??

  Housten 14:47 09 Apr 2011

Good afternoon,

I am hoping someone can help me with a couple of IE9 problems, although they may be part of the same problem!

A few days ago I installed IE9 through MS Updates – whether this was the right or wrong way to go about this I am uncertain, but I had been thinking of doing it, so it seemed opportune to do so!

The first day when I logged on – I was on PAYG with Tiscali, and am still with them although it is now TalkTalk, who are not very helpful at all – I found that the Inbox – and ALL the others – had been transferred to the left hand side of the screen. All the adverts, news etc., were still there but moved to the right. When I logged on, on Thursday there had always been an ‘Mail Inbox’ and a ‘Delete’ for your emails, but this had suddenly disappeared! So I logged off and then logged back in, and it was exactly the same! So, in desperation, I tried down the bottom of the emails and there was the ‘Mail Inbox’ and ‘Delete’! When I was installing IE9 I had given no instructions to change anything, so if anyone has any ideas/thoughts/advice as to how I can get ‘Delete’ back to the top I would be very grateful.

The second problem concerns the drop down list of web sites that have been visited. In IE8 it shrank for some reason and included ‘History’ and ‘Favourites’, which I didn’t want and after some fiddling – which I can’t remember what I did – I eventually got these out of the way and had a list of some 25 to 30 websites, making getting to a site I had been to before – at least fairly recently - very easy. With IE9 it is a lot, lot worse!! ‘History’ and ‘Favourites’ are both back but, and what I regard as a bit of a disaster, the number of sites listed has shrunk to 5!! Does anyone know how I can get back my 25 to 30 website list?

Whilst PC Advisor website was down was when I wanted to ask this and the extra time has given me time to remember another niggle, and that is all it is! In IE8 the part of the bar where you entered the address you wanted to go to was on the left and a good part of the middle of the bar. In IE9 it is about half the size and only on the left – is there anyway the bar can be changed back to that of IE8?

I know I am asking a lot, but one final point I think may be worth considering is: Is it worth going back to IE8?? To be fair from what I have seen of IE9 it does appear quicker than IE8 and I don’t want to switch back, BUT if that is the best solution maybe it’s something I should be considering! Any advice/suggestions/help/abuse/anything else will all be gratefully received! Really!!!!.

PS Is it just me or are any of you finding this 'improved' PC Advisor annoyingly confusing? Housten

PPS I tried before lunch to ‘Submit’ this and the page said ‘Please Wait’. I gave up after 3 minutes or so. Will have to hope this time is successful!! Housten

  Woolwell 16:15 09 Apr 2011

The layout of webmail may have changed due to IE9. You can always uninstall IE9 and revert back to IE8 or use a different browser eg Firefox.

  lucky1 16:22 09 Apr 2011

Housten. Having recently switched to IE9 I too have found it takes a wee bit of getting used to. Took me ages to find the refresh button which used to be on the top right, but is now top left! Overall though I find it much quicker and easier to navigate so will be sticking with it I think.

  Housten 17:20 09 Apr 2011


Many thanks for replies, even though they are slightly contradictory! As I said I thought 9 was faster than 8 – which Lucky1 seems to confirm – so I am reluctant to go back to 8 and as I have never used another browser am more reluctant than ever to – for me, anyway – risk changing over in midstream so to speak.

I will be a coward and wait to see if there are any other comments before doing anything because – although I didn’t say anything in the question – if I change the browser on my desktop my wife will want me to follow suit on the laptop in order to keep them the same!

  mooly 18:54 09 Apr 2011

With any web site that appears to have functional or display layout issues the first thing to try is running that site in compatability view in IE9

If the compatability view button is missing from the address bar on any particular site then you will have to enable the IE9 "menu bar" to add the site from "tools" and then select "compatability view". The "tools" option at the top right is a cut down version of the normal "tools" and that can only be accessed via the menu bar (which is not enabled by default on IE9).

Refresh button on the left ! Its in the middle :)

  mooly 19:00 09 Apr 2011

Can we not paste links directly ? Just trying this to see how it works and using the preview below to see how it looks. Is there no edit facility ?

Link from above post1

  jaraba 23:14 09 Apr 2011

Tried IE9 on my laptop some time ago & reverted back to IE8 almost immediately as I didn't like the layout.

  Housten 13:21 10 Apr 2011


It is not running when at sites that I am concerned about it is getting more than 5 addresses on the address bar, so that all I have to do is move the mouse onto the site I want and click - and then I am there. Now I have to keep going to google or try and remember and type the site name in on the address bar. This is beginning to get very tedious. I have even managed to get on to microsoft's answers. A lot of people with same problem and - as far as I can see - no real help from microsoft. And to ask a question you have to join their website. Once again total and complete rubbish from them. I think it is going to be better to revert to IE8.

Many thanks to everyone who has replied.

  Housten 13:03 11 Apr 2011

Please HELP!!

Has no one else been to solve this microsoft stupidity? Their site seems to think that having 5 addressess is all you need in the address barr, reminding me of the brainy people who said - OK it was, I believe, in '49 or '50 - that only 6 computers would be needed in the entire world! Short sighted or what??

I will change following comment as this appears to be an intermittent fault!!!Ugh OH stopped again!! Now back to normal!! What on earth is going on??

I am having an interesting problem now!! When I am typing this NOTHING appears on the screen until I use the bar on the extreme right, the one to up and down the web page!! And this is after PCA have "improved" their site! Any one any ideas?? Sorry about above web comments but this is cutting in and out and I have not a clue as to what is going on!!

  Woolwell 13:41 11 Apr 2011

For the number of addresses in the address bar go to Tools - Internet Options - Content tab - then select Autocomplete settings and uncheck the 4 boxes below address bar. This will remove the other entries and the other list will increase.

  Housten 14:02 11 Apr 2011


Marvellous!! Blooming marvellous!! Logged on, saw your message, acted on it, logged off, logged on AND they - my IE8 sites - are all there! And typing this in does NOT have to be done in spurts, so do not know what happened before. BUT I can say am a much, much happier bunny thanks to you, Woolwell.

I will mark this as resolved - if this is 'allowed' on new web site!! Apparently not, because I can not find 'resolved'!!

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