IE 9 not working properly

  Bez 17:53 08 Apr 2011

IE9 update not working properly. Since automatically updating to IE9 access to the internet websites has slowed down dramatically. Windows Mail also takes up to 5 minutes to display the email. Is it possible to go back to before the installation? On trying a number of times before the restore point did not work either. Help please!!

  Woolwell 18:05 08 Apr 2011

Which OS? It is possible to uninstall IE9 and this automatically means you go back to IE8. I had to do that because one program would not update with IE9 and doesn't update with other browsers.

  finerty 19:17 08 Apr 2011

try downloading firefox from

once its up and running go to youtube and type in speed up firefox and go by the recs

  squashman 00:46 09 Apr 2011


I also had problems and uninstalled. Go to windows update page, then installed updates, then you can uninstall and will revert to ie8

  helcat 12:25 09 Apr 2011

Hi Squashman

Thanks for that - did not like look of IE9 at all and it made too many changes to my settings. Not being all that tech minded it took a long time to sort out and some things I just could not get back to how it was so I took your advise and uninstalled. Very nerve-racking while it was doing it as all sorts of messages came up but in the end no problems except it wants me to reinstall IE9!

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