IE 8 won't instal

  Portly 16:31 07 Feb 2010

I am running two PC's with XP Home SP3. With all of the problems concernig IE 6, I thought that I would try IE 8. I currently use IE 7. Both PC's are up to date with no MS updates outstanding.

Installation of IE 8 fails during unbundling, with the message "Your computer needs an update before installing IE"
This update also fails with the message "Could not instal because computer failed to instal required update. Click on download to instal"

On clicking download you are taken to Windows XP KB932823-v3-ENU.EXE. System requirements are stated as XP service pack 2.

If I download this package the net result is " You do not require this update as you are running a later service pack" or words to that effect.

The same thing occurs on both machines.

With all the adverse comments here, concerning IE 8, I am currently trying Google Chrome, and although there are things about it which I like, eg much faster than IE7, Spybot today found 15 incidents of malware, all relating to Chrome cookies. I have never had more than one before, and then only rarely. So I have my own reservations about it, and would still like to try IE 8. Amyone encountered the same problem, and found the answer please ?

  Graphicool1 17:26 07 Feb 2010

Have you tried 'Firefox'?

  Graphicool1 17:34 07 Feb 2010

I use both IE7 and Firefox. I've tried IE8 and wasn't impressed so went back to IE7. I don't know why you're having the problems you are though. My set-up is the same as yours and IE8 installed without a glitch. What I didn't like about it was the slowness and freezing. But that was the first launch after the beta stage. I have thought about looking at again, but I don't have any problems with IE7 and there's always Firefox, that is both fast and reliable. Give it a go, I don't think you'll be disappointed.

  Portly 20:37 07 Feb 2010

Thanks Graphicool1. I have used Internet Explorer right from my first PC. I have always appreciated MS support, and wanted to migrate upwards IE wise, before we lose support for XP. Personally I think that this is by far their best OS, and I will stick with it as long as I possibly can. More recent offerings appear to me, to offer only gimmicks and waste machine resources.

I am trying Google Chrome, and initially am pleased with what it does. I have seen lots of good comments ref Firefox, and will give it a try if my reservations concerning malware on Chrome remain.

  Portly 10:29 08 Feb 2010

Bump to bring into the weekday arena. Anyone had similar problems and found a solution please ??

  oldbeefer2 11:43 08 Feb 2010

If you're worried about cookies (most of them are harmless), you can exclude those you don't want to keep in CCleaner, Options. I quite like Chrome, but still use IE7 (didn't take to 8). Had no problem changing from 6 to 7, unlike you.

  Portly 12:18 08 Feb 2010

Hy old beefer2. Whilst I am not particularly worried about the cookies, ( I can remove them easily enough ), I am a little concerned that they never appeared with IE. There appears to be no way of stopping them with Chrome.

By the way, I have been using IE 7 pretty well since it became available, and had no trouble moving from IE 6. My difficulty is now installing IE 8.

  Garawa 15:47 09 Feb 2010

I had a similar problem where it installed and when double clicked it flashed on screen and dissappeared. MS Support told me to manually delete everything in the temp folder and the prefetch folder. When installing it then it worked and has done since.

  Portly 14:07 17 Mar 2010

I have been using Chrome on my desktop, and Firefox on my laptop. I like some features of both browsers, but haven't yet decided which I like the best. Both seem better / faster than IE 7.

I do not think that I will ever need to install IE 8, so will mark as resolved. Thanks to all for your input.

  Portly 14:07 17 Mar 2010

Whoops. Forgot to tick resolved.

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