IE 8 installs but then fails

  Brenne 15:14 30 Sep 2009

More help needed please!
I have now installed Internet Explorer 8 five times. Each time the "successfully installed" message is followed by restart, logoff, Configuring stages 2 and 3 to Welcome. All works well (including Windows Mail) until I click on the Internet Explorer shortcut icon. Then I get "(1) A website wants to open web content....
Name: AVG Security Toolbar
Publisher: AVG Technologies.
overwritten by
(2) Internet Explorer has stopped working.
A problem has caused the program to stop working correctly.
Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available"

Then a flag tels me that:
"To help protect your....
.... Data Execution Prevention has closed IE."

Every time this has happened, I've used System restore and reverted to using Internet Explorer 7.

What have I been doing wrong, and how do I get IE8 to function? (And is it worth the hassle?).

Many thanks in anticipation of some wise words from the experts who daily give so much help to idiots like me.

  oldbeefer2 15:22 30 Sep 2009

I had endless hassle with IE8 (although others don't)and now use Chrome or Firefox. End of problems!

  birdface 16:55 30 Sep 2009

Are you downloading it from Microsoft Updates or elsewhere.

  peter99co 17:46 30 Sep 2009

On the tools dropdown have you run Compatability settings.

  Brenne 21:55 30 Sep 2009

Hi Buteman. Yes, I was downloading from MS Updates. Is there a better source?

I'm not sure which tools dropdown you mean, peter99co? There is no Compatablity settings on the IE7 Tools tab, and I haven't been on IE8 long enough to investigate!

  peter99co 21:57 30 Sep 2009

Compatablity is on tools in IE8

  peter99co 22:05 30 Sep 2009

The website that is trying to run is AVG anti virus. Is this your only anti virus software?

Is your AVG operating normally with IE7?

If you exit (shut down) AVG and then run IE8 will it work then?

What version of AVG have you installed?

  Brenne 08:52 01 Oct 2009

Hello peter99co. Thanks for your response.
Yes, AVG 8.5 is the only anti-virus software I have, and it seems to run perfectly with IE7.
I'll try your suggestion of uninstalling AVG, installing IE8 and then re-installing AVG or perhaps I'll try the new Microsoft MSE. No-one has yet told me if the change to IE8 is worth all this hassle!

  Brenne 10:41 01 Oct 2009

Another try!
I uninstalled AVG, replaced it with MSE and then installed IE8. It "installed" but then stopped working and was closed by DEP as it has done every time I've tried. The only difference this time is that (obviously) the message about wanting to open AVG did not appear. There was no warning about MSE. I'm reluctant to attempt installation of IE8 with no anti-virus in place.

  peter99co 10:58 01 Oct 2009

It is very good and offers a few extra useful tools for browsing. In private browsing/and other safety options. I like it. Worth reading up.

  peter99co 11:01 01 Oct 2009

When I said EXIT AVG I did not mean uninstall I meant Right click AVG icon on taskbar and EXIT

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