IE 8 Beta

  Splodge 15:01 28 Aug 2008

Hi all.

I have been testing the new Explorer!

It has some new features most of which are connections to useful websites. One of them for example is a facility to go to Encarta for definitions. Others I suppose will become useful but are not essential yet.

The one thing I found neat was the ability of IE8 to show the web-site you are viewing to take over the whole screen.

When you need to go back to IE8, you just move your mouse over the top part of the screen. Not new really but fine if you like that sort of thing. It does have a button allowing you to show an IE7 simulation.

However, not for me! Unhappily, when I used system restore to try and revert, an error flag immediately showed and a report was sent to Microsoft. On running IE7, my settings were not available and Doctor Watson Debugging began to run.

I rebooted a couple of times and the same thing happened.

Fortunately, I had backed up and this enabled me to revert to my previous configuration.

That, by the way, is very stable and I have had no problems with compatability for a long time. So, you may have better luck, but back-up first!

All in all .... Interesting but not good enough to retain at this time. Perhaps later when it has had all the bugs ironed out!

Hope that will help those nosy b... (like me) who cannot wait to try it.

  sunny staines 15:12 28 Aug 2008

thanks for the update, could you not simply unistall from add/remove to go back to ie7?

not tried the beta yet perhaps the next beta or the RC1 when I see more feedback thats bug free.

  Splodge 15:16 28 Aug 2008

No, I went to add/remove and it did not show up there! It may have had that facility, like some programs, had I tried running it again but I did not think of that!

  crosstrainer 15:18 28 Aug 2008

Means a work in progress.....I have a machine set aside for testing this type of thing, and would recommend that people steer clear until at least RC1.

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