IE 8 Address bar

  Housten 12:10 19 Jul 2009

I recently installed IE8 and had used it for several days - and not totally impressed with it either - when I realised that a web site I had visited was not on the 'drop-down' list on the address bar. I then started re-typing the address and it appeared, and so I just clicked on it and continued. After this happened again I noticed that the 'drop-down' list has 12 addresses - and no more!! Is there any way that this number can be increased? I know that some will think I am being lazy, but having taken some time to find obscure/difficult/odd sites I don't see why I should have to remember all the names of these and re-type them every time I wish to access one of them. Afterall isn't that one of the 'benefits' of computers, they never forget anything...........

  brundle 12:19 19 Jul 2009

Isn't that what Favourites are for?

"More typed addresses

As part of the request for more control, many of you desired to see more typed addresses. The other sections (History, Favorites, and Feeds) are expandable to show 5-20 items, but in Beta 2 we limited typed addresses to 5. I’m excited to announce that we now offer the option to see more typed addresses.

Turning off one address bar section (ex: feeds) will increase the number of typed addresses from 5 to 12. If you decide you really just want typed addresses and turn off all the other sections, you will now see up to 25 typed addresses. Coupled with the change to turn feeds off by default, you will now see up to 12 typed addresses in the default case." from click here

The blogger is referring to the beta but with luck the same holds true for the finished product.

  mooly 12:28 19 Jul 2009

Well I use just IE8, and to be honest have both got used to it and find it pretty good.
Your favourites tab, I set up 6 or so folders in there with appropriate web addresses in each. Just looked in the history tab and that shows 16 entries for one day, but I only keep history for 3 days anyway.

  Housten 16:36 19 Jul 2009

Many thanks for your - quick - responses. I will now try to see if I can sort out my problem.

  Housten 15:34 20 Jul 2009

having tried one or two variations in the Internat options I now have 25 drop down addresses!! So many, many thanks to you both!!

  mooly 16:31 20 Jul 2009

That's good :)
There's 'nowt wrong with IE8 IMO.

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