I.E. 7 Toolbar

  alltime 09:29 28 Apr 2006

Would anyone know how to get the Refresh,E.mail icons into the toolbar on internet explorer 7 ?.

  splatter 11:14 28 Apr 2006

Well, by default, the refesh Icon is now at the end of the address bar, however I can't find an option to get the email button showing (as you could in IE6)

  remind 11:28 28 Apr 2006

There isn't an email button in IE7

  Genius1 13:09 28 Apr 2006

I don't currently have IE7 as I'm at work, but I seem to remember right clicking the main toolbar and selecting something like 'Show standard toolbar' or something similar. This shows some of the icons as in IE6, but as 'remind' said there isn't an email icon in IE7.

  Genius1 18:30 29 Apr 2006

No, sorry the 'Classic Menu' option (when you right click on the bar underneath the address box) just displays the 'File, Edit' bar etc. The Refresh button is, as splatter says at the end of the address bar but you can still just press F5 to refresh a page.

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