IE 7 Resize Favourites Box?

  David4637 10:15 27 Feb 2010

Can you reduce the width size of the Favorites box, there is no resize cursor near the edge of the box. You can do it in IE6 easily which I have used to date, what about IE7? Thanks David

  provider 2 11:04 27 Feb 2010

If it`s the same as in IE8, then you can resize using the horizontal double arrow but it`s best to come at it from the right and run your cursor down the line until the double arrow appears.

  David4637 13:55 27 Feb 2010

Thanks for your reply. I am still using IE6, but the local library have IE7 and I could not resize the width of the favorites box. Before I download IE7 I wanted to know whether it could be resized. Ideally I would like someone with IE7 to confirm whether it can be resized?
Thanks David

  Sea Urchin 14:25 27 Feb 2010

Yes, it can be done in IE7. Use the star to lower the favorites menu (or Alt+C) and then click the arrow (at the top right) to "pin the favorites center". You can then (as provider 2 says above) move your cursor to the right-hand edge and (using the double headed arrows) reduce the width up to the minimum required.

  David4637 14:02 28 Feb 2010

Thanks for that,
1. I did see the arrow in the box to pin it, but it did not give me a cursor to reduce the size on the RH edge. What do you mean by "pin the favorites center".
Thanks again David

  onthelimit 14:11 28 Feb 2010

Left click the green arrow top right. That will let you access the resize arrow when you hover cursor over right hand line.

  David4637 14:21 28 Feb 2010

Thanks for quick reply, will try it down at library and report back - if OK I will install IE7. Thanks David

  David4637 10:37 01 Mar 2010

Thanks all, confirmed at library that the IE7 favorites box can be resized as you suggested.
Thanks again David

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