IE 7 Beta Download

  rawprawn 14:41 01 Feb 2006

If anybody is interested click here
Make a restore point before installing.

  anskyber 14:53 01 Feb 2006
  rawprawn 15:33 01 Feb 2006

Thanks, I did a search but didn't find it in the forum. I tried it but uninstalled after only a short while. I will tick this as resolved.

  gel 15:35 01 Feb 2006

Thank you for the info.rawprawn/anskyber
When you have down loaded IE 7 Beta would you care to contribute a comment on its attributes.
Is it any good ?Is it better than Internet Explorer 6 ?
Is it better than Firefox?
Are there any problems.
Does the down load simply update Internet Explorer 6 or is it a complete free standing browser.
I am sure a lot of folk will be interested.

  [DELETED] 16:22 01 Feb 2006

My first impressions are that it looks like a cross between Firefox and Opera.
Lots of new and useful features, for example thumbnail view of all open webpages, saving favourite websites just be dragging the title into the favourites folder and even RSS feeds! The tabs feature is good, and the one-click clear of browsing history is a fantastic idea. The anti-phish feature is useful as well.
The only criticism is the default setting of clear-type fonts - but this is easily changed, and the messy layout of toolbars and address bars.
As regards to whether its quicker than IE6, to be honest, seems to be the same.
Overall, thumbs up, but I'll be testing it a lot more yet. So far so good.

  CurlyWhirly 17:09 01 Feb 2006

I also tried it out and I didn't like it much either and I am returning to Firefox.

  rawprawn 17:14 01 Feb 2006

Just trying the new Opera (new to me) and I quite like it.

  gel 17:12 20 Feb 2006

This seems a good reasond article on IE 7
click here


  rawprawn 17:36 20 Feb 2006

Sorry gel, we didn't answer your question. I didn't like it and I uninstalled after about 1 hour trying it out. It just did not suit me.I will stick with IE 6 and Firefox for the time being.

  gel 17:55 20 Feb 2006

Hello rawprawn.
I too tried IE 7 and didn't like it so I am back to Firefox but I have been watching articles on IE 7 by using google alert with info on IE 7 and the article I referred appeared
Thought it may be of interest

  Forum Editor 18:25 26 Feb 2006

I agree, but.........

Bear in mind that we're talking about a public beta of IE 7, and the reason it's been released in this way is to get it tested in a huge userbase. IE7 will ship (in its finished form) with Vista, and Microsoft obviously want to get it as right as possible before then. We still have a fair way to travel before the Vista launch, and I think we'll be seeing at least one more beta of IE7 before that happens.

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