IE 6 problem when using wmp 9

  Flak999 14:57 28 Sep 2003

Hi dont know if anyone has any good ideas on this one, when i am using wmp9 to stream something audio or video from a web site i get the following application error: faulting application explorer.exe version 6.0.2800.1221 faulting module ntdll version fault address 0x000080db.

IE6 then gives a microsoft error report with the above information and closes. i have searched the microsoft knowledge base and searched google with no luck

any ideas?


  Joe McG 15:26 28 Sep 2003


I don't know if you are using any of the software listed here, but it's the only piece of info i could find with the correct fault address. click here=

  Flak999 15:43 28 Sep 2003

thanks for the prompt reply, but no i am not using either of these programs, also the error does not always manifest itself immediatly, sometimes i can be using wmp 9 for several mins before the error occurs, and it is always when i am streaming content from the web, it never happens when i am off line, incidentally i have just installed freeserve broadband and i feel that this error has only started since i have had broadband up and running.


  Joe McG 15:53 28 Sep 2003


I think that is probably the problem then.

All that i can suggest is to get the latest, (or most stable) drivers for your ethernet card and modem.

  Flak999 16:02 28 Sep 2003

hmmmm.... yes maybe it is the broadband modem drivers, im using the alcatel speedtouch usb modem with the drivers. In all other respects the modem is performing faultlesly, no dropped connections and excellent speeds.

When IE 6 closes wmp 9 still streams the content uninterupted.

Its annoying but not catastrophicly so, as ie6 recovers by itself without the need for any intervention on my part.

Maybe Microsoft will have a patch for this at some point.

anyway thanks for the input.


  Flak999 20:08 28 Sep 2003

anyone else got any thoughts on this one?

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