IE 6 problem

  PSF 16:23 11 Sep 2006

I had installed Advanced WindowsCare V2 to try it out . I only ran a couple of the tests to start. I then found that I could not switch users using 'Win L' shortcut. It would just bring up a log in screen saying computer locked by user.

I decided to remove it, I did a restore of deleted items first and then re-booted.

The grief now starts :-(

I cannot access pictures or graphics in IE or Avant. Any window is just links.
Firefox works ok. Turning off Firewall does not make any difference. Temporary Internet Files and cookies deleted.

System restore would not work.

Windows update will not run as clicking on the buttons to search for updates do not work.

Windows update does not work from Firefox, it does not recognise the browser!!!!

I have run sfc, re-installed IE6 and also have done a system repair. re-installed XPSP2, Java, Flash and Shockwave.

I have run out of ideas.....

  rawprawn 16:30 11 Sep 2006

Try a system file scan, go to Start/Run/type sfc /scannow (Watch the space between sfc and /) hit enter. You will need your XP CD

  rawprawn 16:33 11 Sep 2006

Sorry, I should read threads properly. I see you have done a sfc. I'm suprised that didn't solve your problem.
I think the only other thing left is a repair job
click here

  PSF 16:33 11 Sep 2006

Thanks but:

I have run it 3 times already once before the repair and once before re-installing XPS2 and then again this afternoon after re-installing XPS2

  woodchip 16:36 11 Sep 2006

Have you tried Restore as the Program asks you if you want to make one when you load it???

  rawprawn 16:37 11 Sep 2006

Apologies again, I didn't realise that was what you meant by repair.
It looks like a complete format and new installation unless somebody comes up with a better solution. You should get Acronis True Image9, that would have solved your problem.

  woodchip 16:38 11 Sep 2006

Have you tried Restore as the Program asks you if you want to make one when you load it???. Sorry just seen that it does not work. So it must not have worked prior to this.

Go to search look for IE.inf right click on the file choose install

  PSF 16:39 11 Sep 2006

:-( I have done that already as above.

This program seems to have put something deep in the system and does not like being un-installed, I even tried re-installing it to no avail.

I thought doing the repair would remove all the system files including the traces of the program, but it did not.

One strange thing is, the other users they can use IE ok but when I tried to run Windows update it locks the computer up.

  rawprawn 16:43 11 Sep 2006

Have you done a registry backup at some time?

  PSF 16:45 11 Sep 2006

Tried that as well, I appiled the restore but it did not make any difference.

I ran the IE install with no change, that is why I tried the XPSP2 re-install just in case.


It might be a fomat job yet, wait a bit longer just in case :-)

  woodchip 16:47 11 Sep 2006

Yep as above True Image would have been the answer. But you don't have it so all you can do is try to fix it or a clean install. If you have a XP CD not Restore disc you could try a Repair with that but even that's no guarantee it will solve it

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