I.E 6 Problem

  winksey 13:05 29 Aug 2003

If I put my system on standby and after 10 mins I try to use the internet, I get the page cannot be displayed, I have to restart my computer to rectify the fault. Does anyone know what could be causing this. I am using Win Me with I.E.6.

  winksey 08:27 03 Sep 2003

This fault seems to occur after leaving my system on stanby overnight.

  moore_mat 08:51 03 Sep 2003

I've seen similar issues - it turned out that it was just a cheap and nasty modem that couldn't handle being put into standby - it meant I couldn't leave the PC in stand by overnight until I changed the modem. If you have another modem available - give that a try.



  hotwired 09:08 03 Sep 2003

Try this could be the connection to the internet may have been lost.
Start>run?typein cmd hit enter
type on command promt ipconfig /release enter
then when it come back to c:/ type ipconfig /renew
and see what happens if u try connection to the net

  winksey 12:59 15 Sep 2003

Just noticed an error message on the bottom toolbar it says Windows/System/SHDOCLC.DLL or DNS error, is this any help.

  winksey 18:31 24 Sep 2003

My internet connection drops off sometimes now when I am using it,I am connecting via a cable modem using broadband so I should be connected permanantly. Any ideas, anyone.

  obbit 19:04 24 Sep 2003

hi winksey. are you on NTL BB? if so i am getting similar faults also on NTL

  Qmar 20:50 24 Sep 2003

used ntl correctconnect?

  winksey 15:40 28 Sep 2003

Sorry for the late reply obbit,lost my e-mail connection as well. Yes I am using N.T.L. BB and it is 150 speed and a Terayon modem.

  winksey 17:55 02 Jan 2004

I am still having problems with this could it be down to my I.S.P.

  Frazky 22:37 03 Jan 2004

click here

[ also
click here

click here

Best bet to call your isp and tell them YOU cannot access the internet ]

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