ie 11 address bar changes?

  martd7 10:35 23 Nov 2013

Has this happened to anyone who has upgraded to ie 11? My adblock ie icon is coverd up by the the icon for the address in the address bar

Right on the end of the address bar is the search icon then a tiny half triangle thats says "show address bar for auto complete"

The "refresh icons missing"

  martd7 17:49 24 Nov 2013

anyone with the same problem?

  martd7 21:34 24 Nov 2013

Usually the adblock ie sits at the right of the address bar since updating to ie 11 its moved to the left now obscured by the address bar icon,ive found if i right click over the icon the adblock one comes to the front,the refresh icon is missing though? and the x on the end of address bar

I have unistalled and reinstalled and its the same,

This is what i use

click here have sent feedback to the company,no reply as yet


  martd7 13:57 25 Nov 2013

Thanks done that still same,think its the adblock ie problem not been compatible with ie11,ill wait for an update to the adblocker

  martd7 17:34 25 Nov 2013

You can trial it for 30 days,they had a sale on last year i paid £5.99 for it i was so impressed,it blocks everything,and the program updates itself,i had email saying theyre working on this problem with ie 11,it still works its just messed up the address bar

  martd7 19:21 26 Nov 2013

an update to the ad block ie program has resolved this problem,thanks to all for help

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