IE 10 Jumping down

  RyanGreen 09:06 18 Aug 2014

Recently bough a lot of HP computers, all come with IE 10 preinstalled. Every single one of them have an issue with IE jumping down the page i.e. going onto Google shows a white screen and you have to scroll down just to see the page. Not all sites do this just certain ones, not sure what is causing this as there is 6 PCs that all seem to do it. Tried updating to IE11, updating Java/flash nothing. Chrome works fine but ideally want to get IE working as thats what staff are used to, not sure if its something that might be preinstalled with HP machines or what.

  RyanGreen 09:36 18 Aug 2014


Its definitely not zoom, also tried the reset still nothing. Updated and removed IE11 and still have the same issue.

  Woolwell 09:53 18 Aug 2014

Does it occur using IE with no add-ons?

  RyanGreen 09:56 18 Aug 2014

Yes still does it with add ons disabled...weird. However I did boot in safe mode and it worked fine there.

  Woolwell 10:40 18 Aug 2014

In Safe mode the graphics drivers are not working. This mat be worth a try: IE Tools - Internet Options - Advanced tab - Tick use software rendering instead of GPU rendering.

  Woolwell 10:40 18 Aug 2014

may not mat!

  RyanGreen 10:45 18 Aug 2014

Unfortunately still get the same issue :/

click here

  Woolwell 10:48 18 Aug 2014

Are the graphics drivers up to date?

  RyanGreen 12:58 18 Aug 2014

Hi yes the graphics are upto date.

  Woolwell 13:50 18 Aug 2014

I'm puzzled. A long shot - Turn off smooth scrolling Smooth scrolling.

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