IDG Connect e-mail

  birdface 13:31 09 Nov 2011

Anyone know if it is genuine or one to be ignored.

The main drivers behind web security in the cloud How cloud-based solutions can enhance your level of protection against increasingly complex threats

It says download the white paper which I have not done.

Anyone else get this e-mail and should I just delete it.

Browsing with Google throws up a lot of bad type sites so just wondering if it would be interesting reading or a danger to my computer.

  Diemmess 13:48 09 Nov 2011

Quite outside my ken. It looks reassuring and attractive, but I don't need anything to load on my XP faithful. Inately suspicious, so I've deleted out of hand, with the certainty that if it turns out to be "Just what is needed to transform computer usage" it will still be available.

  birdface 14:13 09 Nov 2011

Hi Diemmess.I know that new Kindle Threat Fire or whatever you call it is cloud based in the USA .

It is not on sale here yet but was just wondering if it was a program that we need if we ever want to use the new Kindle

Mind you don't know where they got my e-mail address from.

It is my private e-mail address that I use for friends and family.

Ok just going to remove it thanks for getting back to me.

  bjh 15:11 09 Nov 2011

(And my browser has signed me in as BenJH not bjh... I must delete that old account...)

  birdface 18:33 09 Nov 2011

I have never knowingly signed up for any sites like that but I think I know where they got my e-mail address from.

IDG UK publishes seven IT websites (CIO, Computerworld UK, Digital Arts, Macworld, MacVideo, PC Advisor, and Techworld) and five print magazines (CIO, Digital Arts, Macworld, iPod User, and PC Advisor), as well as running regular IT enterprise events each year.

Either that or Virginmedia.

  birdface 20:45 09 Nov 2011

I knew IDG rang a bell somewhere but decided to google for it.

It was not till I got to the bottom of this page that I realized where I had seen it before.

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