Identify motherboard part from old build.

  Carbonoid1984 18:39 04 Dec 2013

Hi, hope this is the right section to be posting this in.

I have an old PC part but I have no idea of it's function, I know what it is but not what it does.

It's a Hipro Power Regulator. Can anyone shed some light on this item please.

Hipro Power Regulator

  [DELETED] 19:05 04 Dec 2013

It looks like a switching regulator for a cpu. It powers the cpu from tick over mode to full power in a fraction of time a psu can do. It is usuall used for P4 processors with hyper threading technology. When the cpu is in tick over mode it uses little current, so it keeps cool. When the DMA and hard cache needs procseing power teh unit fires power to the cpu.

Feed in is from the psu and feed out to the cpu.

  Carbonoid1984 19:20 04 Dec 2013

It was a dual cpu P4 board it was removed from, can it be used in other build or is that a waste of time. LIke newer boards etc or should I just move it on?

  [DELETED] 19:49 04 Dec 2013

Newer motherboards will have the voltage switching regulator built into the circutry of the motherboard and the item will be obsolete to newer models

but it will be still of use to older motherboards. The have been known to be fragile and an older system could use one as a spare.

  Carbonoid1984 22:00 04 Dec 2013

Brilliant, thanks for the help.

  [DELETED] 22:13 04 Dec 2013

Your welcome.

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