ideas on upgrading 300MHz Win98 PC

  frazky 01:17 02 Apr 2004

300Mhz PII PC 5GB-HDD (Dixons) Windows98.64MB RAM

used for email and wordprocessing/printing mainly - a little browsing (dial-up).

- I want to

1/improve speed
2/add HD/partition to store OS image/Data. - for security backups.

which of these should I do first/cheapest
a) increase RAM
b) upgrade CPU speed
c) upgrade/add HD.


are removable (bay fitting) IDE HD's easily transfered to future newly purchases PC?
or would a USB HDD be adequate to minimise work in relocating to HD.

just need help to clear my thoughts.

  User-312386 02:10 02 Apr 2004

to be honest with you it would probably be cheaper to buy a new computer than upgrade as you can buy cheap computers (not including monitors etc etc)

here is one example click here click on the home pc page and then take out the monitor which you allready have

  frazky 02:40 02 Apr 2004

cant I just replace the CPU/Mobo to get significant improvement for less than £100?

click here

my dad does not want to do anything 'rigorous' on it.

  User-312386 02:42 02 Apr 2004

then you have to fit the right type of memory

does the new motherboard have onboard graphics etc etc

  frazky 02:54 02 Apr 2004

has separate graphics card.. (I dont have full details as he is 200miles away..but I plan to visit)..

  frazky 02:57 02 Apr 2004

-wont the new CPU's work with older RAM- ?thanks

  Dumble452 07:43 02 Apr 2004

I had almost the same dilema, Pll 233. and ended up building a new computer. In answer to your question,in my opinion, the best improvement you can make, and the cheapest would be to add more memory. Make sure it is the right type for your machine.
Fitting a 2nd hard drive is not difficult in itself but I recall having problems geting my old pentium machine to recognise a 6.4 gb HDD and had to use some EZ software in the end to get it working. Sorry to be rather vague (it was a long time ago)

  Dumble452 08:16 02 Apr 2004

P.S. The main reasons I went for a completely new machine were that the parts that I could have reused from my old machine are now so cheap that it wasn't worth breaking up my old computer eg a floppy drive for £8 and a CDRW for £22 +VAT, I would not have been able to use my old memory on a new motherboard and the HDDs were very small by today's standards. I also had the advantage of being able to stay on line and access this board and other souces of information if I encountered problems.

  goonerbill 08:46 02 Apr 2004

your best option would be to buy a new computer. if you wish to upgrade CPU/memory the parts are going to be second hand plus if you add new hard drive, the bios will not see the full size so will need to partition it or use some sort of software so your bios does see the full size.

if you do get new pc, you could get one for around £350 + - a few quid and network them and use your old computer for storing your backups/data.

  frazky 22:39 02 Apr 2004

thanks for all info. all.

  frazky 01:21 03 Apr 2004

Socket A Motherboard with VGA,Sound & LAN
AMD Duron 1600 CPU & fan and 128mb Ram
£89 + Vat
click here
could I not just replace the cpu and ram by this?
plus a 2nd HD -- comes to less than 160£ ? cf 350£ new pc .

click here

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