Ideas on a 478 socket motherboard for a P4

  m117chief 11:43 20 Apr 2007

Ok ive found that my 478 socket motherboard has very weak overclocking settings so i wanna find one that really pushs your CPU. Yer i know that they are dated a bit now but im not gonna be affording a nice new mobo, Duel core CPU and PCI-express graphics anytime soon so this is what will entertain me tell then. anyway so mobo for P4 with great overclocking settings please. thanks people.

  skidzy 13:36 20 Apr 2007

Hello again Chief

I rebuilt one of my machines before christmas using an Asrock 4i65G with a 2.6 Pentium cpu.
Now i cannot vouch for the overclocking as i dont think they are really worth the hassle.
click here
with untied overclocking,ASRock Safe Overclocking Technology.

If you would like to try it out,it will cost around £30

Let me know how you get on.

  jam500 14:42 20 Apr 2007

I have just brought the board skidzy suggested, Heres the results i have had. My original P4 was a 2.5 and i overclocked it to 3GHz which was very stable, Then i wanted a 3Ghz P4 so i could overclock it to around 3.4GHz but instead i bought a 2.8Ghz one as they were £30 pounds cheaper and i have it at 3.2Ghz which im sticking with for the moment. It will go higher but im happy with the results. When i overclocked the 2.5 one my 3dmark 05 score went from 10864 to 11440 so there is an improvment, I did change the cooler though as it was noisy as the speed had increased as the chip was running hotter but it still kept it at a sensible temp. What P4 do you have?

  skidzy 15:35 20 Apr 2007

i think Chief has a P4 Prescott 3.0E,but i dont think he will gain too much improvement.Though will be interesting to hear the results.

  jam500 17:03 20 Apr 2007

Oh yes he said what CPU he had, Silly me *rubs eyes* Yes i too would like to see the results as these chips are supposed to be the top ones and good for overclocking.

  m117chief 17:07 20 Apr 2007

hi thanks for all the info again. yer i have a 3.0E Prescott and from the info i read in one of my last threads it will overclock too around 4.3ghz if i use the right cooling and right motherboard to do it with. from what jam500 has said clocking over 500mhz extra and he could push it further sounds good to me.
Cant afford the board till next week mind so you will all have to sit waiting till then for what happens. :)

cheers again people.

'watch this space'

  m117chief 17:11 20 Apr 2007

ah just looked at the board and theres a prob, its running PCI-Express slot. i need AGP for my card, i just cant afford a new Graphic card as well a mobo :(

  SB23 17:16 20 Apr 2007

I've got the same mobo in a Packard Bell.
Let us know what you do, I'll be watching this space.
I'm not saying that I will follow in your footsteps, but I'm curious at to what can be done, you never know, and don't tell the wife, lol.


  skidzy 17:19 20 Apr 2007

It has an AGP slot = 1 x AGP 8X slot click here

  m117chief 17:23 20 Apr 2007

hey nice, same board apart from the card slot, cool.
I found this too, click here sorry don't know how to do that fancy 'click here' thing. So choice between boards now. gives me something to think about over the weekend. As for not telling the wife, i say the same, she'll kill me if she finds out im spending more on the pc!

  m117chief 17:25 20 Apr 2007

Oh bugger i messed up there, its a 775 socket, it came up in the 478 search. It does the click here for you, thats cool!

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