Ideapad 520S-14IKB freezes, unclickable, stucks

  GazdaDjoka 10:08 09 May 2018

Hi everybody,

I have issue with new 520S-14IKB. I bought it 5 days ago.

Installed Windows 10 and updated to latest version. Installed all drivers from Lenovo support site.

Laptop freezes randomly few times a day. I can't get patternt, because it sometimes crashes while watch youtube, sometimes when swithcing windows, sometimes just by using some text editor.

It just stucks, I can't click anywhere, cant switch windows with alt+tab, can't open task manager. I can move mouse and that is it.

No any message, no "not responding" message.

When I put it on sleep by pressing power button, and turn it on again it runs normally, as nothing happened.

It is becoming really anoying because I can't find out what causes the problem.

I tried everything I could find on web, also installing intel graphic driver from Intel site manually, turning off Link state power management for PCI express which I found on internet as solutions for windows 10 crashing.

I am getting really desperate about this and thinking about returning laptop to my seller back.

Can anybody help please?

Thanks in advance.

Kind regards

  Forum Editor 11:13 09 May 2018

You say that you installed Windows 10.

It's a new machine - which Windows version was on it when you unpacked it?

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