ideal xp2600 running temperature?

  gazbut 14:20 06 Oct 2003

can anyone tell me the ideal running temp for an xp2600.
the one i currently got fitted is running at 60`c
is this too hot?
thanks gaz

  Alan Ryan 14:46 06 Oct 2003

60C seems a bit hot. I have a utility that monitors the CPU temperature continuously. Mine is running at 25C just now. Sometimes, when it's busy, it gets to 31C

  mark e 14:52 06 Oct 2003

I have a xp2600+ it runs at 35c under load.

  mark e 14:55 06 Oct 2003

the gigabyte utility has set the threshold at 55c so I would think you need Either new Thermal paste or a better fan.

  LANDCRUISER 15:50 06 Oct 2003

I am running xp2000 & my temp is 63, 64 if you have a problem at 60 i must be frying my system i just looked into asusprob & its running at 61 but when the temp was higher outside i was running at 63 64 what do i need to do as this system is only 2yr old do they start getting hotter as they get older or has something gone drasticly wrong. landcruiser.

  The Sack 16:01 06 Oct 2003

there isnt an ideal temp, if its stable then thats good enough. 60C is perfectly ok and indeed my 2400+ (on a 400MHz FSB isnt set to shut off until it hits 65C)

Anyone that manages to keep there Athlon below 35C under full load obviously isnt just using a single fan on a heatsink. My PC has a dual fan PSU, 2 80mm extractor fans, a copper heat sink and a 26CFM fan on it and my case temp is 33C with my Athlon currently at 54.5C (full load) room temp is 24C.

  gazbut 16:44 06 Oct 2003

thanks everyone

  woodchip 17:03 06 Oct 2003

Go into bios and set it to shut at 70c

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