Ideal Spec for gaming pc!

  kells34 21:15 11 Oct 2004


I am thinking of purchasing a new pc that will be used purely for gaming of the highest quality and the internet (I already have wireless broadband etc)

Can anyone put forward a recommended spec? I already have a scanner, printer, keyboard and mouse - its the rest of it i need lol I would need a few usb ports for a printer and scanner (i have kids that will be doing their homework on it)

Whilst im not bad with pc's, i am not upto date on the latests Spec's etc. Id rather have a better quality graphics card and monitor than say a huge hard drive that will never be filled and a faster CD Rom drive than a CD burner etc!

Id be grateful for any comments

  AndySD 21:38 11 Oct 2004

How much are you willing to spend?

click here Alienware

  kells34 21:42 11 Oct 2004

I only want to spend about £600 - i dont need kepboard, mouse, ethernet card, printer, scanner etc
I have seen those Alienware pc's - they are great but they have the best of everything and like i said i dont particualry want a huge hard drive etc
I was thinking of having a pc custom built but dont know what spec to go for

  t.long 21:52 11 Oct 2004

A good DVD drive will cost you only 20 odd quid, its good to have because as games get larger more and more will come on DVD. A DVD-RW can be found for around £50-£60. So might be worth a look, good for backing up those saved games!

As for CPU, stick with an AMD. The latest Intel P4s run a little hotter than Anthlon 64s and have a higher price tag. They are also a little slower for most games.

512MB of a good speed (at least 2700, idealy 3200/PC400) DDR RAM is the least you should get. Games are about the few things that will benefit from more than 512MB of RAM. If you get an NForce board they work best with pairs of RAM, if I remember correctly.

HDD, if you are self building then you can pick up a smallish SATA drive quite cheaply. If you are buying ready built, then it is doubtful you will get a small HDD.

Often over looked - at least at first - is cooling. Make sure you have a case with a decent sized fan in the front to draw cool air in, and a couple at the rear to expel hot air. It is tempting to buy the cheapest case there is, but it might cost you more in the long run. A PSU of 400watts or more should supply sufficent power.

Monitor, theres no point building a fast games machine if it is let down by a poor quality monitor. CRT - Cathode Ray Tube - monitors still beat LCD/TFT monitors on colour range and refresh rates. Though there are plenty of flat panels that are fast enougth to play games on. Look for a response time of 16 or less.

I think thats enougth for now.

  t.long 22:00 11 Oct 2004

Having seen your response, Aria click here will custom build a machine for you, and click here used to offer such a service, but I do not think they do any more. Still they offer good value systems with some options.

  kells34 22:09 11 Oct 2004

WOW t.long - you have been a great help - thsnk you very much!

  Starfox 22:11 11 Oct 2004

"used purely for gaming of the highest quality"
Afraid you will be pushing your luck at that sort of price but best of luck anyway.
click here for some ideas and details of good gaming pc's.


  stvmor 22:35 11 Oct 2004

Shuttle 45g V2 (V2 important as better psu)
AMD 3200 processor
512 Crucial 3200 memory(add second slice later for 1Gb Dual channel)
ATI 9800 pro (try for one with Arctic HSF)
WD 80 GIG with 8 meg cache
NEC 2510 DVD writer
Build this in a couple of hours with parts from Ebuyer, Microdirect etc. Should only cost a bit over £600.

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