The ideal ISDN ISP?

  Heckmotor 10:17 12 Nov 2003

I'm hoping for some guidance in finding my ideal ISP!

After four years, I've served notice on AOL mainly because I want to be able to bond both of my BT Home Highway ISDN channels and AOL doesn't support bonding. (Plus I don't like their 'big brother technology' getting into my registry, I can't send Pop3 emails from Outlook Express through AOL and I avoid anything American these days if I've got a choice!)

I'm beginning to realise, though, that replacing AOL's not going to be as straightforward as I'd thought, without signing on with two separate services, because I'd like to be able to have a choice of 64 or 128kbs ISDN at home, without manually plugging and unplugging, and also be able to use my subscription account remotely over analogue lines, as I can as part of my AOL account.

Does anyone provide this combination, or do I have to have two accounts with two different ISPs? ...and, yes, I would go broadband if our rural location wasn't off-limits!

  Chegs ® 11:45 12 Nov 2003

I used ISDN for 18mths prior to getting ADSL,during this time I tried unsuccessfully to find an affordable dual channel ISDN ISP.Those ISP's that did support dual lines were asking approx £50 upwards a mth,with a connection/setup fee of £85+ I also tried using a couple of "pay as you go" ISP's to connect each line to,and got clobbered with a hefty phone bill.ISDN is very expensive,which is probably why its mostly businesses that get it.

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