Ideal Backup system?

  john bunyan 10:47 21 Feb 2008

After a clean reinstall on my desktop PC and the lessons learned - luckily "my documents" was saved to DVDs, I have now set up a system to avoid a future problem. Has anyone suggestions for further saftey?
Now : XP pro (MCE) Master 320 gig HD partitioned 8oGig for programmes , 200 gig for data both NSTC (a bit of FAT32 remains for some reason) ; a matching identical (slave) HD in a removable caddy (both HD's, SATA); Acronis True Image 11, run weekly,AVG anti virus ,Comodo firewall and Superantispyware.Had Bullguard suite but still got trojans before. Music and photos second back up on DVD's.

  anskyber 10:53 21 Feb 2008

Presumably you use Acronis to back up as a full image to the second HD to protect against the OS HD failure?

Superantispyware, at least the free one, is only a scanner not a full time protector. AVG will cover most things but had you thought of using the AVG free antispyware full time protector?

  jack 10:55 21 Feb 2008

Paragon, Acronis, Et al they all heve their fans,
As far as Iam concerent backing up your data doc's images etc., is simply done manually onto a partition/external drive/disc which ever you prefer .

Backing up the system is possibly a bit of a waste of time because,if you get a problem, restore can most times sort it.
If it does not a repair option possibly will, if that does not work then the system is so corrupt it will need reloading.
Who is to say the system that is being backed is not already crippled in some way?
Start afresh if you can every time.

  anskyber 11:05 21 Feb 2008

In the ideal world the Acronis approach would start with a clean machine or one which is clearly functioning satisfactorily.

Acronis saves a tremendous amount of time.

Happily I have not suffered from a serious malicious code but rather than fighting it with posts to the clever folk who spend time and effort working out how to put things right a simple install of an Acronis image sets things up again, programs, files, settings and all.

  jack 12:04 21 Feb 2008

I recently decided my primary drive was getting on a bit, and rather wait for calamity decided to replace it with a new/larger/faster one -[as you do.]
What to do about the system I mused?
Clone it they said use this program or that.
I wasted days trying the clones - none worked [for me]
I wound up installing the drive putting the XP disc in.
It formatted it, allowed be to partition and loaded the system, all in about an hour.
I was then able to install a basic set of programs-thus ignoring all the 'try this'n'that' c**p that accumulates.
The machine is cleaner ,faster and leaner.
I now trawl the Add/remove file and ruthlesly clear out what I have loaded tried and abandoned.
The old drive is still complete and I attach it to the computer via an IDE/USB cable to transfer the likes of doc, address book and anything else that crops up that I have overlooked.
It will remain thus intact as a spare system - should the need ever arise

  john bunyan 15:15 21 Feb 2008

anskyber, jack. Thanks for your views and advice.

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