An idea (probably very silly) mechanical dual boot

  Diemmess 18:15 30 May 2004

Accept that I am happy with my W98SE system controlled by HyperOs.

To avoid trashing what is working and needs to go on working without a hitch, I was thinking of a new HD with Windows 2000 system installed conventionally and quite separate fron the running system.

The idea would be to have both HDs attached by data cables but the power leads to the HDs interrupted by a multipolar double throw switch.

I accept that this is not pukka practice and certainly not to be switched - except when the computer is "Off", but it beats constant plug/unplug while trying this the "hard way"

Yes, it must seem a very sideways attempt at a problem, but humour me, I'm a bit past my best-by and on my head be it! Anyone know of a suitable switch? I've been too lazy to look at Maplin

  Satmansq 18:22 30 May 2004

Seems to me that rather than a hardware fix, you should be able to go into the device manager and disable the other HD in each configuration to avoid problems.

  Smiler 18:24 30 May 2004

You realy are lazy if you can't be bothered to search Maplin click here so if nobody else responds I don't blame them.

  Bagsey 18:30 30 May 2004

If you put your Hard discs into caddies, then you can swap from the HD with win98 to the disc with any other OS you wish. I do this to run my old video editing software and to keep video away from other stuff that could cause glitches. It really feels like two different computers.
Its just a case of switch off, swap disc, boot up. Purists will tell me this way is a load of rubbish but it does work for me and has done for a number of years without anuy trouble. Caddies from Maplins are very good quallity but a bit more pricy than Dabs.

  Lionheart ? 18:40 30 May 2004

Very helpful.

  broggs 18:41 30 May 2004

As hyperos is a multi boot system(to which I also use) why don't you just add your win2k system to be controlled by hyperos? I have win 98 and win 2k running on my system controlled by hyperos.Is this not what hyperos was designed for?
If you are struggling post your problem on the hyperos support forum and they will help.

click here

  Bowsprit 19:13 30 May 2004

It may be silly but i have had this setup for a long time on a computer.A bit of soldering was required,the toggle switches were from Maplins and i had to drill out two holes in an old aluminium 3.5" fan controller faceplate.This setup virtually turns one computer into two as the HDD's are completely separate.

  ton 19:28 30 May 2004

This was posted by flecc november 2003.

I have a third hard drive on my second computer which has Lindows on it, the first two hard drives having six operating systems on them, selected by Boot Magic. Since the Lindows cannot be booted by Boot Magic in this configuration, I've switched the 12 volt supply on the first two hard drives with a simple two pole switch.
Throwing the switch at the lull point when rebooting leaces the computer booting on that remaining third drive Lindows.
Therefore all you need do is to cut the thick red wire on the four wire power plug of the hard drive you wish to switch out, and extend the ends to any 2 amp or better on/off switch. This could be a miniature component from Maplins or similar, and couild be mounted in one of the various ventilation holes in the rear of the average PC case.
Operate the switch before booting or at the lull point (black screen) when rebooting to switch that drive in or out. In the absence of a hard drive set as master, the BIOS will happily boot any remaining IDE hard drive.

  Smiler 19:39 30 May 2004

Is that sarcasm only I thiught if Diemmess can't be bothered to even look on the maplin site why should we even try to help. " I've been too lazy to look at Maplin" his words not mine.

  Lionheart ? 19:41 30 May 2004

Sorry should have read the post properly.

  Smiler 19:46 30 May 2004

No problem. Don't mind helping anyone but if they can't be bothered why should we.

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