IDE Vs SATA Problem

  woodpecker 03:06 21 Mar 2005

I have a shop bought PC which I wont to add a 3rd Hard Drive (which is IDE) which I have been given. The setup is as follows: SATA1-1stHD SATA2=2ndHD IDE1=Empty IDE2=DVD1&DVD2. The problem is that if I put the new HD into IDE1 the PC doesnt recognise it, if I remove DVD cable and put HD into IDE2 it works fine but DVDs are not seen if put in IDE1. I am therefore assuming that IDE1 is inactive when SATA drives are being used? If that is the case should I get a 3-1 IDE cable to put the Hard Drive and both DVDs on to? Don't want to go buying cables unless I'm sure that will sort it. Thanks in advance for your help! System contents {Mobo 865PE Neo2, Win XP Home ed}

  xphile 08:11 21 Mar 2005

I'm no expert, but I think there should be an option in bios settings to help. I did it the other way around. Already had 2 IDE drives & added a SATA drive. If both DVD drives are on the same channel & the other is free, I don't see why you can't add the IDE drive to channel 1. Although having said that, I seem to remember something somewhere that told me Motherboards only recognise 4 drives(not sure about that one?).Good luck & keep us posted on your progress.

  selfbuild 08:47 21 Mar 2005

"I seem to remember something somewhere that told me Motherboards only recognise 4 drives(not sure about that one?)."

I currently have 3 hard drives and 3 cd/dvd drives installed and working perfectly so that statement can't be true.....

Like xphile said though, go into the BIOS and check that the Primary IDE hasn't been disabled (can't see why but you never know).

Also check that the power cable is connected to the drive.... very easy to forget.....

  georgemac © 09:16 21 Mar 2005

are you using an 80 pin ide cable to connect the new drive? you will need this

also if the jumper on the new drive is set to be the master, make sure it is plugged in to the connector on the end of the cable

it should work on ide1 no problem, in the bios make sure that in the cmos settings ide1 is set to auto detect drives - the motherboard should support 4 ide devices and 2 sata drives

click here the msi forum may know the answer or an email to [email protected] msi uk support should give you the answer

  woodpecker 13:59 21 Mar 2005

Firstly thank you to all for your responses. As I have successfully got the Hard Drive to run ok on IDE2 I think this shows that the power cable is ok and that I have used the correct IDE ribbon. The bit about 2 IDE devices to one port is the news (albiet bad news) that I was kinda expecting. As for BIOS settings I have IDE1 as all the rest set to Auto Detect in BIOS. Certainly when plugged into IDE2 the BIOS recognises the disk stright away. Like you I cannot see any good reason why it wont recognise anything plugged into IDE1 but I can't see what the problem might be, BIOS settings are the same for all channels and I have tried the jumpers set at both single device(master) and cable select. Still confused!

  medicine hat 14:17 21 Mar 2005

Are you using the same cable when moving from IDE1 to IDE2? If not that could be at fault

  woodpecker 14:32 21 Mar 2005

yes using the same cable so I do not unplug anything from the DVDs just use a spare cable I have. likewise I am not unplugging a power supply each time but using a separate one so there is no chance of accidently not fitting it in properly.

  keith-236785 16:35 21 Mar 2005

i have just looked through the manual and it says two ide channels supporting upto 4 hard drives,cdrom etc

two sata channels supporting upto two sata drives (one on each)

you also have an ide3 connector which you might be able to use, read the manual as the online one isnt quite clear, the connector is below the sata connectors and looks like a normal ide connector but please check before use.

there are no warnings about only using two ide drives when using sata in fact the only warning is for you to put the main hard drive on IDE1 as master (but if your boot disk is the sata drive then ignore that) and any other hard drive as slave on ide1 or master on ide2.

take a look in device manager and check the ide controllers to ensure they are both enabled (primary and secondary)

i dont think its a cableing fault but it might be worth trying a new ide cable on ide1 should only cost a couple of pounds from a local shop. or you might even know someone with a spare one that you could borrow

good luck

  keith-236785 16:36 21 Mar 2005

it might also be that the IDE drivers werent loaded for ide1 as it was empty, you could try re-installing the motherboard drivers and see if that helps.

  woodpecker 16:41 21 Mar 2005

Thanks for that, quick question, as mentioned I currently have nothing plugged into IDE1 have just looked in device manager and found that in IDE controllers on Primary Channel under device usage it is greyed out is that right with nothing plugged into IDE1 or could this have been my problem? Secondary IDE Channel is shown as working fine but then there is a cable plugged into that.

  woodpecker 16:50 21 Mar 2005

Hi Thanks for the suggestion about reloading the drivers given the greying out of the Primary Channel on the IDE controller as per my last post it might be the thing I need. I will have to leave it now till my brother comes round and can take my pc apart for me (I'm disabled) and plug the HD back in and we can take another look at the controller.

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