IDE Setup - Should Opticals be on IDE2

  OU812 19:42 24 Sep 2003

Reading the article ?Supercharge Your PC? in this month?s Adviser has left me confused re IDE set-up. The advice to put optical drives on the secondary channel runs counter to other advice I have seen elsewhere which advises to keep your DVD ROM drive and CDR Drive on separate channels if you engage in disk-to-disk copying. Indeed, I saw a recent review of a two grand plus PC (in another mag) that was criticised for placing both optical drives on the same channel.

Currently my system (a P4 2.53) is set up with my hard drive (master) and DVD ROM (slave) on IDE1 and my CDR (master) on IDE2, which was the default arrangement that it came with when brought last Oct.

If as the article suggests I am taking a performance hit with this set up I would like to change it, however what will the effect be on disk-to-disk copying if I place both my optical drives on the same channel? As I understand it both will not be able to work simultaneously and therefore will this make copying in this manner impossible?

  powerless 19:53 24 Sep 2003

Me puter has two HDD on IDE 1 maaster/slave


I can copy disk to disk (on the fly) with no trouble.

  xania 20:53 24 Sep 2003

This is all a matter of speed. If you put an optical device on IDE1, it will slow down the data transfer rate of the HDD somewhat, but, alternatively, with one optical device on each IDE channel, this will speed up the data trasfer between these two devices. So its really a matter of which suits YOU best - or.....suck it and see.

  TBH1 23:30 24 Sep 2003

my setup is exactly as Powerless's - - - no worries here.

  krypt1c 00:18 25 Sep 2003

Ditto powerless & tbh1. No problem doing cd > cd copying.

  OU812 14:56 28 Sep 2003

I have now placed my opticals on IDE2 and other than for a bit of confusion caused by the fact that device 1 on IDE2 had been set to 'none' as opposed to automatically detect such that originally my CDRW did not show in windows, all is now fine.

However in use I have to say I note no differance over the original arrangement, nevertheless I'll stick with it since it hasn't appeared to have caused any harm either.

  holly polly 16:16 28 Sep 2003

hi,i too have read the article i have my hdd on ide 0 as master and my cd rom as slave on this channel,on ide 2 i have my cdrw as master and my dvd rom as slave i am expericing the problems outlined in the article,the only way round this issue i can see would ,be to purchase a pci ide card this should rectify the problem ,anybody else have the same or another idea -hol pol...

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