ide and sata, which best for master?

  josie mayhem 23:28 30 Mar 2005

I've just purchased a new 120g sata hard drive. at the moment I have put it in as slave to my 40g hard drive.

Reason for getting the larger drive, was video editing (and I intend to get another sata hard drive later)

But for the present, what would be my best move and fastest set up. As it stands, with the ide as master (smallest drive) or setting up the sata drive as master?

  alan227 23:35 30 Mar 2005

Just a question how can you set up a SATA drive as Slave?.
Their is no Slave/Master configuration on a sata drive.

  alan227 23:35 30 Mar 2005

Just a question how can you set up a SATA drive as Slave?.
Their is no Slave/Master configuration on a sata drive.

  Jak_1 23:48 30 Mar 2005

That's what I was thinking! The sata drive should connected direct to the sata slot on the motherboard via it's own cable.

  josie mayhem 23:52 30 Mar 2005

Term of phrase.

The smaller ide drive is my boot drive (master) and the sata drive has actualy come on line as F: drive after optical drives. I was pondering weather I would get better speed by reformating and booting from the sata drive, which at some stage I'll will need to do when I get the second sata drive.

At this point the ide drive will come out and be put into my other computer.

  Chegs ® 00:31 31 Mar 2005

I would use the SATA as "master"...

I would create a smallish partition on the SATA to carry the OS(10/15Gb's)

I used to run a SATA only system,initially the OS(XP Home)was on one 120Gb drive and the second 120Gb was just vast storage.I had several reinstalls until I was advised to create a smallish partition for the OS,once done the OS was stable again and never let me down(until both SATA HDD's died inside a week)

I now have the SATA HDD's partitioned up(and my IDE reinstalled to carry the OS)with these labelled as "Downloads" "Images" "Video"etc,and their purpose is self explanatory. :-)

The ONLY reason for using an IDE is the death of both SATA's resulted in me losing Gb's of video/data,and the only drive imaging app I found worked with SATA drives was DriveImage.The resultant HDD images were 2+Gb's in size,and I didn't own a DVD-RW then.Chopping up the images into CD sized pieces often led to errors when reinstalling them.

  Danoh 02:01 31 Mar 2005

Chegs ®; I may be experiencing just that at the moment with my son's new PC's SATA drive. Trying DriveImage "verify image integrity" on drive recovery now.

Josie, hope my input is on subject and not considered a hijack in your SATA/IDE considerations. {SATA is still new and much has not caught up yet)

  FelixTCat 09:17 31 Mar 2005

Generally speaking, put the operating system on the fastest drive you have, since that is usually doing most of the work most of the time.

I always partition drives to separate the operating system from programs and data. This makes backing up data much easier. I also think it makes sense to put the virtual drive (swap file) in its own partition so that it doesn't become fragmented.

  josie mayhem 18:05 31 Mar 2005

I think because in the long ruan I attend to get a second sata drive, it would be worth while to reformat and reinstall xp on the sata drive, taking cheg's advice with the partitioning setup.

I did think of using the ide drive as a back-up drive, but it sounds very much like it's not a good idea. So I think that I shall take danoh's advice and put folders on this one, and manualy back my important files here. At least I'll be able to retrieve them (via my other computer)if things go belly up!

thanks all, I'm off to back up my files and reinstall ect, if I get into troubles I'll be back on my other computer asking for help!

  FelixTCat 11:21 01 Apr 2005

What I suggest is that you tell the BIOS to boot from the SATA hard drive and do a completely new installation on it. Do not set up as a dual boot system. You can then leave the IDE disk in and, by telling the BIOS which disk to boot from, you can still boot from the old IDE drive in case of problems.

That is how my pc is set up. I now use the old installation for testing new software and as an emergency backup. Whilst all the programs have to be reinstalled, the data folders are common to both systems. I can also do a first backup onto the other drive to guard against drive failure - I then copy the backup to another storage medium.

  josie mayhem 13:50 01 Apr 2005

That what I have ended up doing.

Invested in nero6 (only had light nero 5) When I went to to backup my data with nero6 all hell broke out. Tray in and out like no tommorow, tried the up-dates and still no go..

So loaded windows onto sata (as you've just suggested keeping my ide intact) loaded nero6 again, but still same problems with the tray, but it would burn to cd.

There seemed to be noway that I could get nero to settle. So 2'clock this morning I decided to go the kill or cure method with my dvd rom, and flashed the firmware gulp...

Went o.k didn't distruct my dvd, and guess what nero6 is now happy as larry (thankfully) I've had a couple of little gliches with loading of software, but I think I'm there now, just waiting for nero to finish burning my test video to disk.

And then see if it will work in the dvd palyer, if not it's of to the shops to get one that will play the disk.

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