IDE and SATA drives?

  jesta 15:41 26 Oct 2004

hi,i was wondering what is the difference between IDE drive and SATA drives.i am about to order a hard drive and a caddy to make an external and thought to myself what is the difference and does it matter if i put either a SATA hard drive or IDE hard drive?any ideas?thanks

  Completealias 15:51 26 Oct 2004

SATA uses a different connector to IDE. I don't know if you can get external caddys with SATA connectors yet.

If you where installing a internal drive you would need to have a mobo that supported SATA to be able to use a drive of this type. But i'm not sure how it works when you get to an external drive as you plug in via USB or firewire. I do remember doing an assignment on external storage though and my tutor said that even though the external drive used USB it was still treated as an IDE connection for data transfer rates. This leads me to think that you may need a mobo that supports SATA but i may be wrong.

  Completealias 15:53 26 Oct 2004

Oh SATA drives have a faster data transfer rate than IDE which is the main difference other than the connection thats used to your pc.

  jesta 16:54 26 Oct 2004

ok thanks a lot.i guess i go for the IDE just to be on a safe side. what do you think of western digital for hard drive or should i aim for samsung or hitachi?because i heard that western digitals hard drive fails quite quickly

  james1` 17:10 26 Oct 2004

Ihave had a western digital caviar H/D for 4 years with no problems

  jesta 17:55 26 Oct 2004

one more thing does anyone know if i need an adapter for a 120GB hard drive.i heard that it takes quite a lot of power running the hard this true

  Completealias 22:05 28 Oct 2004

Internal Hd have there own power supply so I guess you will need one for your external drive as I imagine that USB will not provide enough power.

  JAN-BOY 22:36 28 Oct 2004

I have a western digital 120GB hd in a external usb2 caddy with it's own power supply.

Works superb with no trouble.

  JAN-BOY 22:38 28 Oct 2004

ps. both from maplin electronics. £80.

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