IDE ribbon. possibly faulty?

  second best 18:14 07 Nov 2003

hi, i have a thread click here to do with the non recognition of my 2nd hdd, and i may have discovered the problem. it appears the firt connector on my IDE ribbon may be faulty. i have 2 hdd, one master one slave, the usual. master is fine(touch wood) bu thte slave seems to be having a prob being recognised and needs constant formatting. so i swaped the drives round on the ribbon, and now it appears the master is having a prob. swapped them back again and master is now fine once more. decided to leave the 2nd hdd off for now, till i can chak the ribbon. any advice on this plz?

  MAJ 18:16 07 Nov 2003

Change the ribbon cable?

  second best 18:20 07 Nov 2003

hi MAJ i will tomorrow, but i was wondering how the 2nd od the connections to the drive would be ok, if they are both obviously of the same ribbon. if there was a break in the ribbon, then surely it would affect eh one on the end as well. do you know what i mean?

  MAJ 18:26 07 Nov 2003

I know what you're getting at, second best. Those little connectors (the slave especially) fit onto the ribbon cable by piercing the cable with little "spikes" so making a connection. It's possible that that is where the problem lies.

  second best 18:31 07 Nov 2003

ok, thnks then. i'll check it out tomorrow. :))

  TBH1 00:57 08 Nov 2003

MAJ has probably hit the nail on the head - - those connections in the middle do sometimes fail.

  TBH1 00:59 08 Nov 2003

however, once when I needed one in a hurry, on a Sunday, had to get one from PC World, 14 squids - - - only 4 squids from local shop. Is the ? (pound)sign still playin up ???

  TBH1 00:59 08 Nov 2003

yep, still playin up

  SEASHANTY 15:33 08 Nov 2003

The new circular IDE 40 wire (80 connector) ide cables 45cm (master and slave offsets) are 5 quid plus vat from Microdirect, manchester. These round IDE cables assist a much better airflow inside the PC case than the ribbon cables. 90cm cables are also available for full tower systems.

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