edenworkshops 10:23 24 Jul 2008


This is a very basic question.

I am about to buy a hard drive as my current one is dying.

I see that hard drives are designated as being IDE or SATA. Does this mean that one or other of them might be incompatible with my PC in some way?

Thank you


  iqs 10:51 24 Jul 2008

You to check your MB specs,just to make sure it supports SATA.

All MB have at least 1 IDE controller for connecting IDE HDD and Optical Drives.Newer MB have SATA.

SATA drives are faster then IDE,and are jumper less,no master or slave.

  iqs 10:51 24 Jul 2008

You need to check your.....

  DieSse 11:01 24 Jul 2008

If you've got a dying hard drive that's out of warranty, the chances are that it's old enough to very probably be IDE.

Just look at the cables that go into the back of it.

If there's a flat, wide connector, about 2" wide, then it's IDE. Usually the cable is also the same width and grey. The other cable (4 wires with a white plug) is power.

It'll be far, far easier is you replace it with one of the same interface type. Support for SATA drives in older systems (even if they have the connectors) can be more complex.

How old is the system? and what OS do you run? - as there may be a restriction on how large a capacity can be easily fitted.

The difference in speed on an older system between IDE and SATA will be none or unnoticeable.

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